Friday, June 11, 2010

Slowin down...

I feel very pregnant at this point in time. On Wed. night I was having a bunch of contractions, so I started timing them and most were between 8-12 min. apart, one was 6 min. I decided to drink a bunch of water and go to bed because I didn't want labor to start (especially if he is still breech). Thankfully the contractions went away and I could sleep. Yesterday I took it easy all day with a few household chores, but mostly sitting around (and I did a lot of talking on the phone too- Thanks for all the Birthday wishes!). Baby did some significant moving (I think he was trying to flip but his head only moved over a few inches- and it has probably moved back by now).
Today I am moving slowly, but I want to do a few more errands in town so my plan is to move very slowly and hopefully the cars in the parking lot will take pity on me and not run me over:)
Up to this point it has been strange but fun when people are extra nice to me because I am pregnant. I feel guilty sometimes. I got a discount at the hair cutting place because I had to wait so long, people smile at me and apologize if their carts get in your way, and people have never been so nice waiting while I cross the street:) This week I finally need the extra niceness to get across the street slowly.
Only 4 more days!


Anonymous said...

I'm getting more excited
every day.
Take it easy!

Nicole said...

yeah!! so exciting! yeah the niceness while you're pregnant is awesome!