Sunday, August 13, 2017

August for us Jay-7, Andy-5, Ellie-1

Jay is 7...
Jay is 7. He is loving summer and is a creature of habit. He figured out the best way to weasel his way into things and has become a great shopper (like convincing me to buy ice cream because it is on sale and we have a coupon). He adores all things football and during the first Broncos preseason game I heard him screaming like a girl in excitement (I was outside, he was inside watching by himself!) He loves playing catch with daddy, yelling about how Andy is pestering him, and talking to Ellie in a baby voice. He is super helpful in the car with Ellie and I don't know what I would do without him. Jay's favorite color is Orange and he despises writing in is journal every day. He eats corn dogs, hot dogs, quesadillas and pizza religiously, and will have yogurt and fruit when asked to eat it. He still sleeps with monkey and has had a ridiculous number of bike and scooter injuries (only resulting in scrapes and bruises). He is very generous and loves sharing and buying things for other people.
Andy is 5.
Andy is going to Kindergarten! He is so great to be around by himself, but with Jay can be plenty crazy. He loves to be silly and watch things that are funny. He is really into taking pictures, and was stealing my phone multiple times to take them, so I let him have one of my old digital cameras and he has been LOVING it! He likes to do things "his way" is super stubborn if we don't do it that way. He had a blast touching worms but is deathly afraid of almost all dogs. He has a super cheesy smile when asked to smile. He loves Ellie and plays with her more than anyone else. He can keep her busy nicely for 20 min., but then the next minute he will be picking her up under the arms and setting her on a high unsafe location. Andy used to eat great, but now his main meals consist mostly of chicken, beef n chips, and PB and J. He will eat fruit every day for every snack. He is not a morning person like Jay is, but he is learning the new routines for school pretty well. He has become a pretty good biker, and has fallen almost as much as Jay. He doesn't nap much (even Jay takes summer naps more than him). He is into transformers, doing tricks (gymnastics), football, all water sports, and sometimes pokemon.
Ellie is 1. She is staring to say many words, and is getting into everything. At least once a day she finds a toilet and sticks her hand in it (usually we are running behind her- not quite reaching her before she plunges her hand into the toilet to play with water). The boys and her both go to time out for getting into the toilet (or leaving the door and lid open). She has discovered this week that Broncos games are for Yelling at the TV- (Turn your volume down for this one:) She will eat almost anything, and is hungry all the time. She still uses bottles before bed and at naps because the transition to sippy cups has been fine for water, but likes her milk/formula mixture in a bottle and will even beg for it when she is sleepy (ba-ba). She is adorable at blowing kisses and saying "bye-bye" "see-ya!". She knows what a few animals say, and loves to talk and sing (even though our house has plenty of noise going on). She is a HUGE FAN of dogs. Berkley, the babysitters dog is her best bud. They do a lot together including painting... She loves getting dirty and wet, and isn't afraid of anything (except guys that get to close to her face).
Her favorite songs are Twinkle Twinkle, and Itsy Bitsy Spider. She loves carrying babies around and giving them kisses on the head "MWWWAAHH". Dad brought the cradle he built that I used to rock my babies in when I was little and she thinks it is pretty cool. She walk/runs everywhere she is allowed to, especially outside.
She is a sweet, happy girl and sleeps though the night most nights. She doesn't love hiking, but it is good for a nap:
We went with Trish to Granby on John's birthday weekend, and we had a great time. We did some mini-golf, hiking, swimming, roller skating and other stuff. John and I went on a date to Sagebrush grill in Grand Lake and hung out at the hot tub by the condo. On the way there, we saw a moose!
My heart is full!