Monday, December 29, 2014

More from Iowa...

Caleb colored the beautiful picture and Grandpa helped him make a frame from sticks in the backyard!
John learned to make pens on a lathe. The boys had so much fun out at the farm:
We did the traditional treasure hunt:Adults had one and kids had one. Here is the start:
And the end:

Sunday, December 28, 2014

Iowa Christmas with Family

We took a few family pictures for my mom's christmas card. Actually Caleb (7) took them with my brother's camera, so overall...not too bad:) I love this one because Andy snuck in, and although you don't see him at first, he is so cute. Jay and Isaiah got spiderman legos for Christmas. Caleb is building Jay's because Jay would rather "fight the bad guys" and then play with the legos once they are built. Andy is apparently sad he has no legos. My dad made these awesome pens for us on his lathe with unique woods. Then he taught all the guys to make them too!
The kids got mini ice cream cones for desert one night, but had to keep them in the kitchen. A 2 1/2 year old seems like a little guy...until you put him next to a 2 1/2 MONTH old:)
The kids watched Grandpa run the snowblower out the window...and them he blew snow at the window.
Soon the boys joined grandpa and grandma for a sled ride.
Andy, Livi and Jay got the cutest sleeping bags for their dolls and stuffed animals that Grandma made for them. Then they became other a sleeping bag for Lincoln:
Then they became Santa present bags:
The kids enjoyed coloring (many spiderman pictures), watching movies, wrestling, and hanging out:
Everyone had a blast with their presents. Andy got an oversized cow, Grandpa made grandma a clock with fake gift cards to all her favorite places (and cash on the back), Isaiah and Jay got a planes ship, Livi was super happy about the Anna and Elsa dolls (and the sleeping bags for them), and Jay was super wiggly, but stoked about his hot wheels track.
After Lori's family left, Jay and John made up this song about baby Lincoln:

Sunday, December 21, 2014

Christmas with Colorado Family

We had such a great time at the neighborhood party and our own little party in Colorado this year.
We also did some wrestling and baking:
We played some basketball:
We opened presents:
Here are the boys playing with one of their presents: