Wednesday, August 29, 2007

livin the vida loca

In an effort to speed up the process of getting ready in the morning I decided to lay outfits out, take a picture and make a page of available outfits based on laundry days, wrinkliness from being on the floor, and if I have a VB game that day. I'm kind of picky because I have to look nice, be comfortable because I wear them all day, and I have to be able to hit volleyballs at my girls without showing sweat:) Of course I never actually got around to putting the pictures in one document and printing it off...but I might eventually.

I also included a picture of what else my life consists of right now. School, and taking care of the issues there, then talking on the phone with players, parents and sportswriters, and volleyball practice/games.
Our first game is tomorrow. I am really excited. We have 0 seniors on the team, but we have 5 returning starters. We really do have a great team, and our power player who graduated last year is now back coaching wiht us. I'll let you know how it goes!

Sunday, August 19, 2007

John and J.T.

I am getting this picture from Davina's blog, but it is so cute.

John had a blast hanging out with J.T. in New York a few weeks ago.

Wednesday, August 15, 2007


So, after my last post, I am still totatlly overwhelmed...but doing better.
At our meeting with the school nurse today we were discussing serious things like signs of abuse and neglect and the list had "acne" as one of the indications. I kind of hid my face (because I have like 6 big pimples due to all the stress of lately). My teacher friend across the table jokingly said "who's been abusing you, Angie"? I replied "the school":) I really do love my job...but there is a lot of pressure this week to get everything connected and running...and I don't know everything. Yesterday I was completely frustrated because our new printer server was working great and then 3 hours later nothing worked, and it had a conflicting IP address...(I know I totally lost most of you so I will stop the story there).
Today was a bit better. We had time to work (even though I have been getting there by 7:15am to do extra work), and some things worked right the first time! YEAH!
BUT...the highlight of every day is coaching my volleyball girls. They are excited to be there, they love being competitve and encouraging, and they respect and listen to me. I can't wait to see how far they can come this season!
I told a friend at school that no matter how frustrating a day at work can be, when I come home from volleyball it is hard to be upset. It's true. Especially when I get home and the dishes are done:)
I'll try to find more pictures to post next week.

Thursday, August 9, 2007


Summer is gone. With a bang. This week I have been so busy with Volleyball, the new information system we are implementing at school, and the new server we got at school that I am already overwhelmed. It's like when you have so much to do that you lie awake at night making plans about how your going to get it all done, then you start thinking of other things to do...then you decide you need to sleep so you try to think of...sheep, or some funny Seinfeld episode, or of a funny story...and then you drift back to the other stuff you were thinking of. So you say to yourself, I'm going to think really hard about sleep, and hopefully I will fall asleep.
And then when you wake up in the morning, and after the really groggy stage, you do things fast that don't always make this blog.
But, as my 15 min. of fun is coming to an end, I would like to add a few positive comments.
THIS is a sign of a good birthday. Ice cream from Coldstone Creamery- ALL GONE. (John loves Coffee Ice cream, so I got him that instead of a cake.

My friend Rebecca came over the other day, and I entertained her daughter Carissa with one of the few toys we have in our house. A stick horse that sings. She is so cute.

Saturday, August 4, 2007

x-treme makeover (small-low budget-scrapbook edition)

I re-aranged my scrapbook space for the fifth time in a week. Partially because of the new additions, and partly because we hooked up another older computer in our computer room so John and I can be online at the same time. So much for sharing:)
Anyways, while my parents were here last week I learned how to use the old sewing machine they got me for free. (Thanks MOM!) Chad and John got a good deal on an office/scrapbooking chair for me at a garage sale. Then my Dad and John built me a shelf to put my stuff on. I bought another small shelf at garage sales this week. I love how my chair turns, so everything is at arms length.

Here is just a sample of what I have done.

I'm not finished with the journaling on this on yet.

Friday, August 3, 2007

The perfect storm

Last night I saw the most amazing lighting that I have ever seen in colorado. It was pouring rain, and our house was shaking every other minute because of thunder. If you don't believe me, watch the video. Be patient...and turn your speakers up really loud!:)