Tuesday, November 10, 2015

Halloween 2015 and more

This year Halloween was a blur, but it was still super fun. Jay has known he was going to be a SWAT guy since this summer, but when he walked into school with his costume on and showed his teacher he was beaming from ear to ear (seriously, one of the biggest smiles I have ever seen). Andy was going to be Superman, then a ninja turtle costume from Cody, but it was too big, so finally I did what I have never done before...I bought a costume on amazon! He loved it. John go the idea when he started growing out his beard...then when he told me I said...oh, I have a Luigi hat in the basement that you can wear. He did have to get some overalls, but has been wearing them a lot since halloween too.
We had a party and Noah wore the doggie costume from when Jay was little. Here are some friends:
The morning of Halloween, the boys were (semi) helpful by decorating and getting candy ready. They knew they couldn't eat any..so they smelled it. Very funny.
I found some winter clothes in the basement for Jay and he got very exited about the shirt that matched John. He put it on and they went upstairs and took a picture.
Andy got invited to a birthday party at a FUN place with cosmic bowling, laser tag, pizza and cake. He had a blast!
Jay is still missing his nap time...and about one day a week he falls asleep on the way home.
We tried to go out to eat the other day. Andy is always so excited about it. I lasted about 40 min. and then I headed home. More basketball pictures and videos to come, but they are on John's phone, so I need to get them off.