Sunday, December 29, 2013

More from Dec. 2013

Here are some pictures from my camera and phone...blogging is a lot more work now that I download pictures from John's phone, My Phone, and occasionally the camera. As I take more phone camera photos, I realize they are great quality, but you have to hold SOO still. First, we had a good time setting up the Christmas tree:

Jay was a naked Rudolf for a while until we made him put PJ's on.

The Christmas PJ's were adorable this year, and the boys have a tradition of doing "cheers" every night. Sometimes it's cheers to cupcakes, most nights it's cheers to Milk, Broncos, Mommy, and Spiderman...

John and I went to his work party which had a "speakeasy" theme:

Andy was sitting in the toybox when it was clean-up time, and he didn't mind that we piled it on top of him:

They boys got bathtub crayons from Aunt Davina...and had a blast.

On Dec. 26, the view of the mountains and clouds was great.

We have never been home on Christmas morning, and it worked out nicely because of where Jay is at with knowing about Santa...he got what he asked Santa for...a "hot wheels flip track". Andy was excited to play with take it apart too:)

I love this picture from the first few min. of when we arrived at Grandpa and Grandma S. during thier holiday party.

John and I got to go on a date while we were there.

I used up some coupons for free ice cream cones and Andy was pumped!

Sunday, December 22, 2013

Christmas with Gpa and Gma S

We had a lot of fun hanging out with Grandpa and Grandma S. This weekend. Jay got to open up a card that said he got to pick out a new bike.
He loved riding it too:
Of course Andy had to "ride" the smaller bike that was at Grandpa and Grandma's house:
Andy got a little dog to pull, and a sleeping bag.
Other highlights involved hanging out on Grandpa:
Andy loved watching some of their Christmas decorations:

Tuesday, December 10, 2013

Sunday, December 8, 2013

Jay's first Christmas program

Jay just started attending Sunday School a few months ago, and this week was his first week involved in the children's singing at church. John played drums and I sang during the service, so it was interesting. I got a great video during practice (a bunch of kids didn't make it in time for practice).
Andy was only up there because it was practice, and he likes to follow all the other kids around: During the actual service I video taped it and he was pretty funny. He pulled up his shirt, he danced, he turned around, he thought about hanging from the tree...but another little girl yelled "Hi Cody!" after the song, so everyone got a few giggles.

Saturday, November 9, 2013

Jay starts Rec Basketball and Andy's broken tooth

Jay plays Basketball: Jay has been very excited to play basketball once he heard I signed him up for rec league. I pointed him out in the first picture so you know what to look for in the rest. They play on a little hoop and don't really dribble or pass, but Jay thinks it is great to "run so fast" from one end of the court to another. He also falls down a lot (it got better this week- less falling) which totally reminded me of my brother when he was little playing sports. The first game he scored 3 baskets, today he scored 1 and shot a bunch of 3 pointers, but didn't get them in. They don't keep score.
Jay is hidden behind other kids a lot of the videos, but they are still cute. Andy's tooth.

We were in between school and going to a hockey game on Friday night, and Jay was so excited. He picked up a hanger in my bedroom while I was changing and swung it (while still holding on to it) Andy started crying and I knew he hit him somewhere. After examining Andy and not finding any blood I looked in his mouth and found a little white fleck. I took it out and concluded it was tooth. When he stopped crying a few min. later and let me look in his mouth, I saw the chipped tooth. I haven't gone to a dentist or anything, but he isn't irritated and the tooth still looks normal (except with a chip).

This first picture is how it was on Wednesday:

And why I was taking a picture (teething!)

Here is his smile Friday after it happened:

And...just for fun...his first tree climbing experience:

I look over at the boys today and they dumped out the "toy box" all over the floor. That usually buys me at least 10 min. of computer time while they rifle through the toys and play with them. 30 seconds later I glanced over and saw this!!
They were both having a blast. I stopped to take some pictures before I broke it up:)