Tuesday, May 26, 2015

Jay and I go to the Tulip Festival

It started with some fun stops at Sinclair stations...Then Jay got a painful leg cramp after he fell asleep in a strange position and was pretty upset there was no Sinclair where we pulled off, so he got something more awesome (and messy).
It was great to enjoy a BBQ with friends (and just some of their kids)
He went fishing with grandpa...
We went to the Tulip Festival parade in Orange City. This was right behind the Poffertjes line in the back of the store. Beautiful tulips, delicious pancakes.
While we waited for the parade, Jay got to go on the mini dragon rollercoaster and play mini-golf with Janessa and Grandma.
During the parade, we saw elementary school students dressed up in dutch costumes dancing, the clydesdale horses, floats from back in the day, and the Pride of the Dutchman marching band who marches with wooded shoes.
The traditional tulip shot...
Some of my friends dressed up in their dutch costumes to scrub the streets (tradition)
Other things Jay did with Grandpa and Grandma were- reading books, blowing leaves out of gutters, and hanging out before bed.
On the way home we stopped at a few fun places:

Saturday, May 9, 2015

Andy's Monster Truck Party (take 1)

We had so much fun at Andy's monster Truck party. The weather was super rainy, but we made the best of it. I plan on doing an official post with details this summer, but here are all the pictures for fun now! Eagerly waiting for the party to start:
Body Shop: Tattoos and Mohawks:
Monster Truck Racing:
Other activities: I wanted to do something cool with these, but never thought of anything...
I bought these tires to have a blast with obstacle courses and fun outside, but they stayed in the basement and we only hauled a few out when JT and Camille were here:
The Food:
The stoplight punch box was a big hit:
The Cake:
Andy was having so much fun taking pretend "pictures" with his punch box toy phone that he stopped eating cake for a while.
Friends and presents:
I love you Andy!
After the party: