Sunday, May 28, 2017

Family Vacation ID Springs 2017

What a great time we had over Memorial Day weekend with John's family. We started by Exploring the creek, the yard and the treehouse...and by playing some football in the grassy area.
Next we moved on to other fun things: Ellie explored the grassy field and Andy went sloshing in the River
We ate some supper for the night and got cozy in the house.
The next day we spent some time in the house playing, and went on a short hike/walk up the road. We played more football and treehouse fun.
I may be getting the days confused...but we had a ton of fun. Happy hour started early and the kids reading in bed was adorable.
We played more outside:
On the nicest weather day, we went for a short hike, and had lunch on some picnic tables. We had a blast!
After a quick bathroom break, we drove up the road a bit further and found a place to go sliding on the side of a parking spot by Mayflower Gulch.
Most of the time Jay and Andy ended up going down with no sled: