Sunday, August 30, 2009

Jeeping with Jack and Cherry

We went up past the continental divide jeeping this past weekend.
We had a blast! Here are some photos:

We got a flat tire on the trail, so they guys changed it.

I sat in the back:)

We also saw some beautiful flowers.

A funny sign we saw along the way.

Thanks Jack and Cherry!

Wednesday, August 19, 2009

Candy Compandy Tour for Free

Earlier this month my family was visiting and we went to the Hammond Candy Company for a FREE tour.

It was something fun to do with people from out of town. We had a wait a short while (20 min) to get on the tour, and it consisted of a video and looking through windows seeing them make and package the candy, but hey, the price was right.
The website is here:
They HAND make lollipops, candy canes, hard ribbon candy and more.

Here are some workers pulling the candy, cutting and making candy canes.
Sometimes the candy is as thick as a baseball bat until they pull it.

We also printed off coupons for free lollipops after the tour. I know there are coupons other places but I found some HERE.

SWEET. Literally.

Sunday, August 9, 2009

Wedding in The Springs

We spent Friday and Saturday in Colorado Springs at a friends wedding. We had a great time being involved in the wedding and staying with our friends Andrew and Lindsay (and David).
John was a groomsman and the music director of the wedding.

The lovely couple.

It was great to hang out with Tom too. He sang in the wedding and became a personal photographer for John and I. Thanks Tom!

Some pictures Tom took of us:

Thank you to Andrew, Lindsay and David for letting us stay with them.

John wrote a recessional piece for the wedding. It was awesome. I even played drums in it. Check it out.

Tuesday, August 4, 2009

Family Visit (post 1)

My parents came out to visit Colorado this past weekend and Monday. We had a lot of fun shopping, visiting Red Rock, Hammond Candy company, visiting my brothers work, visiting Jack and Cherry, and some other fun things.
Here was our hike around Red Rocks:

I'll write about the candy store next time.
Before I go, I must say..

John and Jack at his parents house eating ice cream cake.
Here are some more pictures of us at Jack and Cherry's: