Tuesday, April 27, 2010

Childbirth classes

We started childbirth classes last week, and we have enjoyed it. Here are some pictures of John wearing the "empathy belly".

I have really enjoyed childbirth classes. We are doing 6 weeks of one night a week for 2 hour sessions at the Hospital. Six couples total. There are four of us who are due less than 3 days apart in June, so most of us are at the same stage in our pregnancy. They guys don't seem to have trouble talking, but the ladies are pretty quiet. I ask by far the most questions of the ladies, but that is only like 3-4 simple questions per class so I hope I'm not annoying.
The biggest bummer for me is that there are no other couples in the class that are like us. Meaning- none of the other couples are around the same age (or 4-5 years older or younger for that matter) and have been married for a while before having kids. It's OK though, because we are learning a lot at class and I have plenty of friends at school and friends that I can call whom I can ask questions to and share with.

Last night we watched a fairly graphic video about childbirth (which John admitted was good for him to see), and we were quizzed over some of the stages of labor. I have read 2-3 books about it already, and we watched a video with all the information in it that night, but I totally blanked when trying to remember all the details about early labor, active labor and transition. We got to use our textbooks to cheat...but it made me realize that I need to start "studying" not just reading if I am going to remember this stuff.

I am most excited about the hospital tour (which is in a few weeks). Last night the teacher told us more about the rooms at the hospital and what to expect. (I think I am remembering this all correctly) I was pleasantly surprised to find out that each labor and delivery room has a jacuzzi, a birthing bar, birthing balls and other things I can't remember. They let you labor in many positions standing on the bed or in the water etc. Each room has a CD player and I-pod dock. After being born the baby stays in the room for all his tests/checkups. The hospital also has breastfeeding gowns or regular ones you can wear and disposable underwear for after the baby is born.
I also heard from friends that they have a snack lounge for Dad's with refrigerated things, and that they have chocolate chip cookie time in the afternoon where they deliver warm cookies to moms and dads.

My favorite part of class so far has been the back rubs I get from John and trying laboring positions while breathing. It is very practical (and relaxing).
Did you take a childbirth class? What was your experience like?

Friday, April 23, 2010

31 wk ultrasound picts

Baby is doing great! I wrote the ultrasound update in the last post, but I didn't get time to scan pictures until today. Here are two 4D pics. He has his hand and part of the umbilical cord by his face again, but you can see his eyes and nose pretty well:)

Thursday, April 22, 2010

Baby shower and 31-wk prenatal appointment

My friends at school threw a baby shower for me on Wed. I was really excited because I love showers, and this one was for me:) We played some games and ate some salads and snacks, and one of my co-workers made a beautiful cake (that had strawberry filling and tasted fabulous)! I love my friends at school. They are willing to answer all my silly pregnancy questions and share their thoughts and advice. They celebrate the little things with me and I celebrate the triumphs in their lives too.
I enjoyed opening gifts, and I had even more fun looking at them in detail at home and showing John. My favorites were the outfits, some Smartwool booties and cap, some cute books, and little rattle toys.

Here is another 31 weeks picture. This is my new favorite shirt (from the Walmart clearance section for $3. It wasn't a maternity shirt either).

I had an ultrasound today to make sure the baby was growing well (they were concerned when I wasn't gaining weight). He is! He is 3 pounds 10 oz, and is in the 42 percentile for this age of growth. We got to see him doing a sucking/chewing motion on the ultrasound which was a lot of fun. His umbilical cord was by his face, but we still got a couple of profile 4D pictures. (And I can watch the DVD as much as I want:) He is face and feet up and butt down- which means he is breech right now. I kind of expected that because of how he was moving/kicking. They say there is plenty of time for him to turn before 36 weeks. Then if he hasn't flipped they will have the doctor try manually flip him from the outside. I'll try to scan some ultrasound pictures in tomorrow night.

Next I had my regular apt. with my midwife. Guess what? I gained over 6 lbs in 2 weeks! My midwife was happy and so was John. That gives me about 9lb total so far, which isn't a lot, but is way more on track than I was before! I measured right on.

After that John and I met with the Doctor that I would have if anything were to go wrong. The midwifes will probably take care of everything, but in case of emergency he lives 5 min. from the hospital and they call him. I don't think most midwife patients do the "meet the doctor" thing, but I just felt like I would really like to put a name with a face and chat for few minutes in case I would need: c-section, forceps delivery, stitching on a bad tear, etc. It was a very pleasant conversation...and if all goes well I won't ever have to see him again:) Then again, if our baby doesn't turn on his own, we may be seeing him in a little over a month.

To celebrate John and I went to a local pizza place with a friend who's wife is due (with their second child) in 2 weeks. We talked kid stuff and ate amazing pizza.

I feel so blessed. On the other hand, my friend at school who is also pregnant is experiencing some major issues in her pregnancy (I think she is 24-25 weeks along). I have spent many moments today praying for her and her baby- hoping things will be OK.

We started "childbirth classes" but I will talk more about those next week:)

Saturday, April 17, 2010

Baby room is furnished!

Jack and Cherry (John's parents) came up for the day to help us get some things ready. They shampooed our carpets and the guys put furniture together while the ladies bought a mattress, checked out the registry and looked at things we have so far.

I tried out the glider and ottoman right away. I am actually sitting in it right now!
Here is my profile shot for 31 weeks.

Thanks so much for coming up to help, it all looks awesome!

I also went to a few garage sales this morning. I found a bumbo seat (that looked new in the box), and some cute shoes for .50 Since I know babies don't really wear shoes much- but I think they are so cute, I thought I would buy some at garage sales so I wasn't spending a bunch of money on shoes that he will probably only wear a few times:) They will be a nice addition to the shoes Lori gave me that didn't fit Isaiah:
What a great day...I am exhausted!

Saturday, April 10, 2010

30 wks

It was decades day at school on Friday, so I grabbed a dress that fit, threw on some accessories that might make it look like one of those decades and went with it. My pictures this week happen to be from Friday. Also, I was talking to John on the phone while taking pictures using the self-timer on my camera:)

Some things from 29 wks...
I was sure I gained weight because over spring break I ate a lot...but then a day and a half before my dr. apt. I got a stomach bug and puked a bunch and couldn't eat for a day. The worst part about it was that I did not know I was sick (because I feel nauseous all the time anyway) until it was almost too late. I asked John to get me a bucket and 10 min. later I needed it.

So...at my appointment, they told me I didn't gain any weight. They were disappointed because it had been a month and a half since I had gained any weight. The good thing is that my belly measurements were right on. I measured at 30 wks. Also the baby's heartbeat was strong and sounded great. My midwife scheduled an ultrasound for my next apt. (April 22) just to make sure things look good and baby is getting enough food. In the meantime I am trying to eat more snacks, eat before bed and eat more protein rich foods. The problem is that I am nauseous a lot of the time which makes food sound gross. I have always LOVED food. If this nausea could be the next diet fad it would totally work.

70 days until baby is due! 6 weeks of school left until summer. A week and a day until childbirth classes start (I can't wait to tour the hospital). A week and a half until my work baby shower.

I was freaking out when my blog counter hit 100 days and I had almost nothing ready. Now I feel like I have some of the big things crossed off my list. Besides getting some big items for baby (car seat, stroller, crib, changing table, rocker) I also finished a few other things:
-taxes (I know I am running late this year...but they are done!)
-finding a doctor for baby. I decided on a highly recommended family practice doctor that works at the clinic both John and I go to
-finding someone to watch baby during John and I's overlap working period
-getting a few more answers about prices of baby insurance. How much are other people paying for baby insurance?
-finding out my midwife practices policy on going past my due date
-finding free breastfeeding classes/clinics for before or after baby is born
-updated my registry some

Last but not least...I love my husband.
He was awesome when I was sick, he kisses the baby in my tummy a lot, and when I forgot to spray the Belgian waffle maker before putting in the blueberry waffle mix which caused me to burn the eggs and some of the bacon...he took the plate of scrapped off pieces of waffle and said "perfect, I hate cutting up my waffles anyway- it is already cut up" He also gobbled up the eggs and bacon and said they were great:)

Wednesday, April 7, 2010

pictures from the weekend

My parents and my sister and 2 nephews came to visit during the second half of my spring break. We had so much fun and got a lot done. I loved spending time with the boys. These pictures are almost all of them:) Chad and Christine came up for the weekend too.

We spent lots of time hanging out with caleb in the garage as he "drove" the Land Cruiser:)

We also went to the park:

We also spent some of our time just chillin.

Monday, April 5, 2010

29 weeks

I am now 29 weeks. I have another appointment on Thursday to see if I gained weight, but I'm sure I have. With Easter dinner and all the snacking we did with my family around it was fun to eat what I wanted and not feel guilty.

I have been feeling the baby a lot now. For a while this weekend he must have been turned funny because he was kicking down towards my pelvis and towards my back. I think he may have shifted a little since then. I also have had trouble sleeping in the morning hours. When I get up to go to the bathroom between 4-5 he wakes up and when I lay back down he kicks and kicks so I can't sleep anymore. Since then I have been getting up at like 5 or 5:30. My nephews who were visiting were still on Nebraska time so they got up at that time too. It was a lot more fun waking up to this and this:

I got so much done over spring break for baby!

-We got a changing table (we haven't set it up yet) and ordered the crib.
-We got a car seat/stroller combo.
-We bought a rocker/glider and ottoman.
-We found some cute toys, clothes and other stuff at Walmart ($3.00 for 2 footsie sleepers), Goodwill (A piano toy with beats and music for .99), Toys R Us (Lullaby Gloworm for $2.99 after coupon), and Once upon a child (Fridge farm animal toy), Babies R Us (A breast friend for $17.90 after clearance price with a $4.00 discount),
-John got quite a ways on the fence in our yard
-I am reaping the benefits of a sister who likes to make baby stuff:
Bibs extra clothes or diaper/wipes holder giraffe and onsie with giraffe Pants and elf hats and a My Dad Rocks onsie:) Can you believe she made that?! Awesome.
-Our pack n play worked great for my nephew to sleep in!
-We found out that most of the baby gates out there don't fit our stairs so we have to figure that out
-A small foldable stroller that came in the mail as a gift
Thanks so much to the family and friends that got some of these as gifts for us. We are so thankful and excited. Now I feel much more ready than one week ago!

Random things about being pregnant that I haven't read about yet:
-When I blow my nose there is a little blood at least once a day. Normal??
-I don't have to wash my hair. Seriously it looks good and never greasy. I haven't washed it for 5-6 days and it still looks fine. I'm washing it tomorrow though:)
-Even though I am tired, I can get up early and function fine as if my body is getting ready for a newborn
-There is some new fact or new research about pregnancy/birth/newborns on the news at LEAST once a week that I never really paid attention to before
-Having other people cook for me makes me more happy than I can ever imagine. Especially when they leave leftovers!
-I feel a lot better when I take my time eating meals. Average is now 45-60 min:)
-Having family and friends with kids or grand kids to help shop for the big items makes a big difference. I just know what color pattern I like:)

I hope to post again tonight or tomorrow about the visit from the family:)