Saturday, April 17, 2010

Baby room is furnished!

Jack and Cherry (John's parents) came up for the day to help us get some things ready. They shampooed our carpets and the guys put furniture together while the ladies bought a mattress, checked out the registry and looked at things we have so far.

I tried out the glider and ottoman right away. I am actually sitting in it right now!
Here is my profile shot for 31 weeks.

Thanks so much for coming up to help, it all looks awesome!

I also went to a few garage sales this morning. I found a bumbo seat (that looked new in the box), and some cute shoes for .50 Since I know babies don't really wear shoes much- but I think they are so cute, I thought I would buy some at garage sales so I wasn't spending a bunch of money on shoes that he will probably only wear a few times:) They will be a nice addition to the shoes Lori gave me that didn't fit Isaiah:
What a great day...I am exhausted!


Anonymous said...

Everything looks great!
Love it.

Dan and Sarah said...

Looking good! I know what a great feeling it is to make real progress in getting everything ready. And I totally agree about the shoes - they don't wear them that much, but they are too cute to pass up!

Chad said...

The room looks really nice! Christine and I will have to come up sometime soon. We still have those gifts from mom to bring as well :)

Lori said...

Soo awesome! I LOVE the new stuff. That chair really looks good with all the stuff.

Sorry I missed your call and I never called you back. I completely forgot after the drama of an injured head.

The mobile is actually JUST for the pack-n-play. Do you still want it?

And I'm sending the nursing cover with them too.

Wow, sorry I shoved everything into this comment. :)

Nicole said...

Hey Ang, you look so great, you've only gained 9 lbs? that's crazy! Those shoes are adorable. And in the winter your baby will wear them all the time. He can't just go around in socks in the winter tundra :)