Tuesday, April 27, 2010

Childbirth classes

We started childbirth classes last week, and we have enjoyed it. Here are some pictures of John wearing the "empathy belly".

I have really enjoyed childbirth classes. We are doing 6 weeks of one night a week for 2 hour sessions at the Hospital. Six couples total. There are four of us who are due less than 3 days apart in June, so most of us are at the same stage in our pregnancy. They guys don't seem to have trouble talking, but the ladies are pretty quiet. I ask by far the most questions of the ladies, but that is only like 3-4 simple questions per class so I hope I'm not annoying.
The biggest bummer for me is that there are no other couples in the class that are like us. Meaning- none of the other couples are around the same age (or 4-5 years older or younger for that matter) and have been married for a while before having kids. It's OK though, because we are learning a lot at class and I have plenty of friends at school and friends that I can call whom I can ask questions to and share with.

Last night we watched a fairly graphic video about childbirth (which John admitted was good for him to see), and we were quizzed over some of the stages of labor. I have read 2-3 books about it already, and we watched a video with all the information in it that night, but I totally blanked when trying to remember all the details about early labor, active labor and transition. We got to use our textbooks to cheat...but it made me realize that I need to start "studying" not just reading if I am going to remember this stuff.

I am most excited about the hospital tour (which is in a few weeks). Last night the teacher told us more about the rooms at the hospital and what to expect. (I think I am remembering this all correctly) I was pleasantly surprised to find out that each labor and delivery room has a jacuzzi, a birthing bar, birthing balls and other things I can't remember. They let you labor in many positions standing on the bed or in the water etc. Each room has a CD player and I-pod dock. After being born the baby stays in the room for all his tests/checkups. The hospital also has breastfeeding gowns or regular ones you can wear and disposable underwear for after the baby is born.
I also heard from friends that they have a snack lounge for Dad's with refrigerated things, and that they have chocolate chip cookie time in the afternoon where they deliver warm cookies to moms and dads.

My favorite part of class so far has been the back rubs I get from John and trying laboring positions while breathing. It is very practical (and relaxing).
Did you take a childbirth class? What was your experience like?


Anonymous said...

John, You look cute pregnant.
Sounds like you are learning
a lot.

Anonymous said...

Wow, Johnny, I am impressed..hope they put enough weight in that empathy belt! Jack and I took classes the first time, but can hardly remember anything. And, with the C-section, never had to remember anything we learned anyway! Mom/Cherry

Kt said...

So glad to hear about your childbirth classes. Is it just a regular birthing class, or are you taking a specific kind?