Tuesday, August 9, 2016

Slip'n'slides, Swimming and Ellie at 2 1/2 months

Slip and Slide at Grandpa and grandma with my new camera:
Swimming lessons:
Ellie at swimming lessons:
Swimming at the pool with friends
More pictures of Ellie at 2 1/2 months: She started smiling and now we can usually get a picture of her smiles. She is Sooo happy in the morning, and then after about an hour of being awake she falls asleep again. She has been sleeping from 10pm-4:30am for 3 weeks now, and the past few nights it has been 9-4:30. Then she eats and sleeps again until about 6:30am. Her crabby time is around 5pm when I am thinking about making supper. She is happy pretty much all the time unless she is tired, hungry, or a bit gassy. The boys get in her face at least 6x a day (each) and today I found Andy violently shaking her toys on her play mat (above her) and yelling "Thunderstorm!" When she went to her 2 month appointment, she was in the 25% for height and weight, and 10% for head size. This was great because at 2 weeks she was at 5% for weight.