Thursday, July 30, 2009

Working on the Land Cruiser

John and I have been working on the Land Cruiser for a few months now.

Yesterday we took it around the development. A few more tweaks and we'll be able to go farther:)

Thursday, July 23, 2009

Money Saving Mom mentioned me!

I think everyone who reads this blog knows about my LOVE for money saving blogs. Money Saving Mom (one of my favorites) mentioned my "giving" post on her blog!!!! See it HERE. I am so excited. You probably don't care, but it is a big deal to me because a LOT of people read her blog! (My post is the one mentioned in the post below this one.)

Tuesday, July 21, 2009


I just wrote on my other blog about how my crazy coupon clipping/bargain hunting addiction has its benefits: Giving away stuff to people and organizations.
You can read about it here:
Here is an example:

Tuesday, July 14, 2009

Hanging out with friends

I met up with some friends last week for coffee.
Here are Rebecca and her kids who were visiting from Wisconsin.

Other then that we (mostly John) has been seeing a lot of

and This:

as we work on the Land Cruiser to get it fixed up real nice. I will post more pictures when we are driving around in it:)

Our bushes out front are blooming nicely:

I got some good deals posted about themHERE in a bit.

Sunday, July 5, 2009


John and I went to Glenwood Springs for a vacation this year. We had a blast. We ate at BeauJo's pizza (twice), we had a great motel (where we played volleyball in the pool) and we went to the Glenwood Caverns Amusement park (on top of a Mountain). We got a day pass and went on the rides many times. Here are some pictures.
We rode up on the Tram thing:

Went on the Alpine coaster:
I did flips on the bungee trampoline.

We rode the mechanical bull.

And had a little fun in the wild west.

My favorite was the swing that went over the side of the mt.

Here is what we saw from the swing.

We also went on a Cave Tour.

Other things we did included a simulated wagon ride, a 4D movie (the seats move- you get 3D glasses, you get water and air squirted on you, and it makes you feel like something is underneath your seat. Very cool...until you get motion sickness on a simulated rollercoaster), A 40 foot rock climbing wall (John tried it with no feet once), a maze, laser tag, and more.
Even though it was a very relaxing vacation, both of us are a little sore from an intense day of rides:)
I would highly recommend the park. Traffic is never fun up I-70, but the park day pass is a great value when you consider all the cool stuff you get to do. You can check it out here.

Wednesday, July 1, 2009

A fun trip

I got back from Iowa on Monday. I had an awesome trip but I'm glad to be back, and my face is too (the humidity and different food does crazy things to my skin.)
Seeing all these pictures makes me miss everybody a ton.
The car ride was...a bit different than I I have never traveled for 3 1/2 hours with 2 kids in the car. We stopped a lot, but it was still entertaining:)

Caleb is really into big trucks/equiptment and Farms, so we played penty of that.

It was so great to see Isaiah's personality come alive.

I taught Caleb how to shoot a water gun...and he proceeded to get everyone who came outside wet:)

My aunt and uncle and cousin and her husband and kids from New York found us at Pizza Ranch-which was a treat.

I had plenty of time to hang out with friends and family.

Thanks for taking time to hang out guys!

We went to my aunt and uncle's farm and sat in the tractor and met the baby cows.

We spent lots of time entertaining Isaiah.

We spent the rest of the time chillin.

This is my favorite picture. It shows Caleb's personality so well: Sweet, loving life, having fun, but just a step away from mischief:)

Thanks to Lori (and Kyle for letting them come along) and my parents- Especially mom who made lots of great food for us. I had a blast.
If you want to hear some funny stories check out Lori's blog: