Saturday, November 9, 2013

Jay starts Rec Basketball and Andy's broken tooth

Jay plays Basketball: Jay has been very excited to play basketball once he heard I signed him up for rec league. I pointed him out in the first picture so you know what to look for in the rest. They play on a little hoop and don't really dribble or pass, but Jay thinks it is great to "run so fast" from one end of the court to another. He also falls down a lot (it got better this week- less falling) which totally reminded me of my brother when he was little playing sports. The first game he scored 3 baskets, today he scored 1 and shot a bunch of 3 pointers, but didn't get them in. They don't keep score.
Jay is hidden behind other kids a lot of the videos, but they are still cute. Andy's tooth.

We were in between school and going to a hockey game on Friday night, and Jay was so excited. He picked up a hanger in my bedroom while I was changing and swung it (while still holding on to it) Andy started crying and I knew he hit him somewhere. After examining Andy and not finding any blood I looked in his mouth and found a little white fleck. I took it out and concluded it was tooth. When he stopped crying a few min. later and let me look in his mouth, I saw the chipped tooth. I haven't gone to a dentist or anything, but he isn't irritated and the tooth still looks normal (except with a chip).

This first picture is how it was on Wednesday:

And why I was taking a picture (teething!)

Here is his smile Friday after it happened:

And...just for fun...his first tree climbing experience:

I look over at the boys today and they dumped out the "toy box" all over the floor. That usually buys me at least 10 min. of computer time while they rifle through the toys and play with them. 30 seconds later I glanced over and saw this!!
They were both having a blast. I stopped to take some pictures before I broke it up:)

Sunday, November 3, 2013

Fishbowl Craft, Spooky soap tags, and a bit more fun

Since I dropped my masters class this semester, I have had a lot of fun actually doing some of the things I saw on Pintrest. Here is the gift I gave the kids in Jay's class...I got some Swedish fish very cheap with coupons like a month ago, and even though this would have been perfect for valentines day, I didn't think they would last that long. I found these on etsy: but didn't like how they looked, so in the comments I found a link to a free one...but I didn't like that one either so I designed my own based on the general shape, and made it a little more Halloweeney with an orange fishbowl and a fun font.
Then I wanted to make something tasty for friends who were coming over, so I made this:
The Cheeseball I pinned from this site: I used a variety of coupons and sales to get these soaps for very cheap, so I decided they would make good teacher presents, and I got the tags printed at Mail n Copy on card stock. I had orange and black ribbon in my scrapbooking stuff, and we found some little spider stickers (that I got 75% off after Halloween last year so we stuck them on top. On the back I wrote.. "Thank you for teaching Jay" and "Thank you for teaching Andy"
I found the free printable tags here: Grandpa and Grandma S. brought back some soccer jersies from their trip to Italy. Know these players?
Some wrestling with Daddy when he gets home from work. I love Andy's face in the second one.

Saturday, November 2, 2013

The rest of the Trick or Treat pictures 2013

So Andy was Curious George even though he got called a bat and a variety of other things...and maybe a 1/4 of the houses recognized that John was "the man in the yellow hat" from Curious George. I really thought "Uncle Si" from Duck Dynasty was a creative idea, but we saw at least one other one everywhere we went trick or treating. Jay was always the youngest and cutest one though, and not many others had the glasses and the pony tail in the back. I found a warmer camo jacket (size 7) at Goodwill on 1/2 price day, and I bought it in case it was cold out. It worked fine over top of the other camo clothes.

Friday, November 1, 2013