Sunday, November 3, 2013

Fishbowl Craft, Spooky soap tags, and a bit more fun

Since I dropped my masters class this semester, I have had a lot of fun actually doing some of the things I saw on Pintrest. Here is the gift I gave the kids in Jay's class...I got some Swedish fish very cheap with coupons like a month ago, and even though this would have been perfect for valentines day, I didn't think they would last that long. I found these on etsy: but didn't like how they looked, so in the comments I found a link to a free one...but I didn't like that one either so I designed my own based on the general shape, and made it a little more Halloweeney with an orange fishbowl and a fun font.
Then I wanted to make something tasty for friends who were coming over, so I made this:
The Cheeseball I pinned from this site: I used a variety of coupons and sales to get these soaps for very cheap, so I decided they would make good teacher presents, and I got the tags printed at Mail n Copy on card stock. I had orange and black ribbon in my scrapbooking stuff, and we found some little spider stickers (that I got 75% off after Halloween last year so we stuck them on top. On the back I wrote.. "Thank you for teaching Jay" and "Thank you for teaching Andy"
I found the free printable tags here: Grandpa and Grandma S. brought back some soccer jersies from their trip to Italy. Know these players?
Some wrestling with Daddy when he gets home from work. I love Andy's face in the second one.

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Anonymous said...

Cute idea!
And cute pics!
G-ma N