Saturday, October 30, 2010

costume party

We went to a costume party this week.
We had a lot of fun. I got a little cow costume at a garage sale while I was pregnant thinking I could take the little one to Chic-fil-a for the "free food if you dress up like a cow" day...but it turned into a family Halloween costume. My mom sent me the momma cow costume from her dress-up bin in her basement.
Jay is the baby cow, I am the momma cow, and John is the farmer:)

Only after we had the costumes figured out did I realize that I think his is actually a dog costume:) Oh well.

Here were some other fun costumes:
Bo Peep and her sheep-
King Kong-
Sue Sylvester and Mr. Shu from Glee-
How fun. Carving pumpkin pictures and a post about diapers to come soon:)

Sunday, October 24, 2010


Jay got baptized this Sunday. We would have done it earlier but our pastor was on sabbatical for a a lot of ways it worked out good to have him baptized at almost 4 months.

Normally Jay wakes up before 7am then takes at least an hour nap in the morning before 10am. Today he didn't nap at all until 10am and that only lasted about 20 min. I was thinking it was going to be bad news for church and that he would be screaming up there the whole time...but he woke up happy. At the last minute I used Velcro tabs to keep his cute little white shirt tucked into the pants and it totally worked!

I love our church so much because the people there understand what it means to help raise Jay in the faith and to support him. Pastor Don talked for a while about how baptism is kind of like an engagement ring, and that Jay will (God willing) profess his faith in God someday.

While we were up in the front of the church Jay did great. He sucked on his fingers and stared at all the people:)
While he was getting baptized he blinked a few times, but seemed to like it. I think he thought it was bath time.

Then we went home and had lunch with some friends.

I tried to make cupcakes with a "J" on them...but they didn't look near as fancy as I wanted them to, so I smeared them and put some sprinkles on top. They actually ended up looking good- kind of watery- which works for baptism:)

We took some pictures at home too:

Friday, October 22, 2010

Here comes fall...

Jay in the beautiful leaves:
Today we decided to go to the pumpkin patch. We chose the time that it would be least likely to rain. We arrived all bundled up and ready for cool weather...BUT the pumpkin patched was closed.

I called two friends to ask them where another pumpkin patch was. Ironically they were both IN different pumpkin patches at that minute. We drove for a while and followed some signs until we found another pumpkin patch that was open.

Two minutes before we stopped the car it started raining. Since we drove all that way, we decided to brave the rain and hang out in the pumpkin patch anyway. (Luckily Grandma brought her umbrella and her raincoat!) We hung out in the field a while and picked out some pumpkins. We also got some great pictures which is pretty surprising, because all the pictures were of us and Jay standing out in the rain. The adorable outfit that grandma gave him got all dirty, but we had a blast!

Monday, October 18, 2010

Random thoughts on a Monday

Title stolen from Katie at Magerks to I dos
- The two toned color trees make me want to eat multi-colored fruit roll ups. Anyone else see the resemblance?
-I love that my husband's new favorite food is grilled cheese and tomato soup. It is cheap and he makes it himself:)
-Cinnamon butter has made it's appearance on grocery store shelves in time for fall. Yum.
-Why do I feel guilty giving a student a bad grade they totally deserve because of lack of effort when I put forth 3x as much effort reminding them to do it.
-Do blue tooth things ever really stay on your ear, or are my ears just not meant for them? Do you have to either buy a right or left ear one?
-Can anyone ever really predict how an infant will be in the grocery store? I spent 45 min. in one today and he did great as long as the cart was moving.
-Are print ads bad for babies to lick?

-I am loving the baby bjorn carrier that can hold Jay facing outwards that my friends friend let me use.
-Why do I always feel like I am forgetting something when I leave the post office?
-I cant believe my little man is 3 1/2 months old. What a little fatty.

Saturday, October 16, 2010

the wedding part 2

If you saw my album on Facebook, you probably already saw these pictures:)
I love this setting.

The rest of these pictures take place at the reception, which was also awesome.
The happy couple.

This was a sweet bib that my sister Lori made for Jay. He wore it at the reception.

Until it got soaked from his drool:)

Man it is hard to get one cute picture of 3 squirly little guys. We had fun trying though.

We snuck away at the reception to get a few more pictures outside with the leaves.
I like this one of Lori's family:

Jay and Isaiah are destined to be friends:

They even have the same sense of humor:
The next morning Jay went swimming for the first time. He likes baths, so we thought he would like swimming. At first he just stared at everything and wasn't sure what to think. After a short while he loved it.

Monday, October 11, 2010

My brother gets married...

My brother got married to Christine in Wisconsin this weekend. We had such a great time and everything was beautiful.
Jay had so many firsts.
His first airplane ride:

He was pretty good on the way there (except in the security line that was 45 min. long). On the way home he didn't do quite as well, but he never screamed (only whimpered for 10-15 min).
When we first got there Jay met his cousins Caleb and Isaiah.

Many people say that Jay looks like his cousins.
After that we went to the rehearsal dinner:
We stopped to see an awesome sign in Waupun, Wisconsin

It was so beautiful in Wisconsin:
Jay and his cousins had matching outfits, so we got the guys some blue shirts too. So cute (more cute pictures in these outfits to come.)

The Christine was so beautiful and the colors accented so well:
Here is a picture of my brother in law and nephew:
Us at the park:
More pictures to come soon: All the boys together in their outfits, Jay goes swimming, and more.