Saturday, October 16, 2010

the wedding part 2

If you saw my album on Facebook, you probably already saw these pictures:)
I love this setting.

The rest of these pictures take place at the reception, which was also awesome.
The happy couple.

This was a sweet bib that my sister Lori made for Jay. He wore it at the reception.

Until it got soaked from his drool:)

Man it is hard to get one cute picture of 3 squirly little guys. We had fun trying though.

We snuck away at the reception to get a few more pictures outside with the leaves.
I like this one of Lori's family:

Jay and Isaiah are destined to be friends:

They even have the same sense of humor:
The next morning Jay went swimming for the first time. He likes baths, so we thought he would like swimming. At first he just stared at everything and wasn't sure what to think. After a short while he loved it.


Anonymous said...

The little boys are adorable
even if they don't sit still.
Nice pics.

Chelsea Ellingson said...

I love the pool smiles! What a cutie. And the tuxedo bib is a brilliant idea, she should make one with fake pearls on it or something for girls too. :-)

Anonymous said...

Love the pictures. The 3 little boys in the matching outfits crack me up!