Monday, October 18, 2010

Random thoughts on a Monday

Title stolen from Katie at Magerks to I dos
- The two toned color trees make me want to eat multi-colored fruit roll ups. Anyone else see the resemblance?
-I love that my husband's new favorite food is grilled cheese and tomato soup. It is cheap and he makes it himself:)
-Cinnamon butter has made it's appearance on grocery store shelves in time for fall. Yum.
-Why do I feel guilty giving a student a bad grade they totally deserve because of lack of effort when I put forth 3x as much effort reminding them to do it.
-Do blue tooth things ever really stay on your ear, or are my ears just not meant for them? Do you have to either buy a right or left ear one?
-Can anyone ever really predict how an infant will be in the grocery store? I spent 45 min. in one today and he did great as long as the cart was moving.
-Are print ads bad for babies to lick?

-I am loving the baby bjorn carrier that can hold Jay facing outwards that my friends friend let me use.
-Why do I always feel like I am forgetting something when I leave the post office?
-I cant believe my little man is 3 1/2 months old. What a little fatty.


Anonymous said...

Wish I was there to
pick Jay up! Cute pics!

Chad said...

Hey Sis, I should bring you my blue tooth that I never use when we come for baby Jay's baptism this weekend...its a pretty nice one...maybe it will contour to your ear better? :)