Saturday, January 30, 2010

19 1/2 weeks

Checkup stats from last week:
I gained 2 lbs. (which is not a lot, but good enough)
They found the baby's heartbeat right away.
Things seem to be going fine.
I still can't tell if I have felt the baby moving or not. Maybe.

This week has been harder for me.

I have felt sick and have gone to bed with the laptop every night around 6pm. Also, there are certain foods that made me nauseous this week, and last week they didn't seem to bother me. I've been eating an apple every day, and at least one salad a day along with other foods.

Also, I started thinking about all the stuff I need to do/buy to get ready for the baby. I know I still have time, but I have been making lists of baby items I would like to get new, and items I can get from garage sales/thrifts stores/Craig's list.
I'll probably do a post in a week or so asking your opinion on some of those things.

I looked into health insurance for the baby which is REALLY expensive through my work. I need to compare prices elsewhere and see what the best deal is.

I guess I really am excited...I think I just can't wait for next week when we have our ultrasound and things will seem a lot more real.

Sunday, January 24, 2010

19 weeks and National Western Rodeo

National Western:
We went to the National Western rodeo with John's parents, his grandfather and family friends (the real cowboys) and had great time. It was the first time John and I had seen bull riders score in the 90's. Here are some pictures:

19 weeks:

-Oatmeal cookie dough ice cream from Coldstone- YUM!!!
I have a feeling I might crave that in the near future:)

-My acne is driving me crazy. I photoshoped some of it out in the first picture:) I am trying all the natural things I can but nothing is working. I may just need to get out in the sun some more.

-My baby belly is really showing now. I can finally feel somewhat comfortable walking down the baby isles of Target checking out the stuff. MANY people comment on my belly- which is fun, but hopefully the people I see every day won’t comment on it every day:)

-Friday was a very good day. I got a lot done, and was happy doing it.

-A few evenings this week have been bad. What else is new.

-I can pretty much eat anything again (except the stuff that is banned b/c of heartburn: chocolate, tomatoes, citric acid…).

-Ice cream sits well with me.

-I still haven’t felt the baby move but I am OK with that. At times I think maybe I did, but it is probably just my upset stomach or heartburn.

-I see the doctor again tomorrow, and next week. In a little over a week we find out if our baby is a boy or a girl. What do you think??? (You can also take the poll on the side of my blog.)

Friday, January 15, 2010

17 1/2 weeks

I had a little bit of time after the 1st graders were lined up at my door before their teacher came to get them today. I decided to tell them that I was going to have a baby. "Oooooooh." They said. They asked if it was a boy or a girl. I said I didn't know yet...what did they think? One boy stared at my stomach (about 3 feet away from me) for a good 15 seconds and said "it's a boy". Another girl said "because your a girl- it will be a girl". They were hilarious.

What has changed for me this week?
-I have had a lot of headaches (mostly at night)- sinus related I think.
-My back gets tired from standing all day on my long days.
-I don't find myself craving food, but I find myself thinking about specific foods...and I can't stop thinking about them...which I think means I am hungry (or the baby is).
-Meat still doesn't sound good, but I am eating pretty healthy and I am eating more than I was the last few weeks:)
-Heartburn is still an issue. I have a bag of Lindt chocolates on the counter that I haven't touched, and I decided to try one tonight to see if it gave me heartburn. YEP! No more chocolates for me;)
-I have had more good days than bad. A few nights this week I have been able to continue functioning until 7:30-8:00! Other nights (because of the nausea) I am in bed by five laying down, and asleep before 8:45. I can tell when my pill wears off on those days.
-I am definitely showing. One of my guy teacher friends asked me if I ate too many french frys:)
-I started to exercise a little bit. Mostly walks.
-I stopped feeling sorry for myself (because of all the nausea). IF it ever goes away...GREAT! but if it continues...even thought I feel crappy, I can't be crabby:)

What else is new? John is busy with school. He is taking some Psychology classes, a history class, a philosophy class and a research class.

Thursday, January 7, 2010

16 1/2 weeks

Well, I made it this far. I am finally starting to feel fat.
My favorite part about this week is that I am getting a chance to wear all the pregnancy clothes I got for Christmas. Maternity pants are comfortable!

I am back to teaching this week. Things are going good and most of the kids now know why I am getting fatter, or why I am eating during class.

I felt very sick one night this week and took a pill to help me sleep. It did wonders and I have been able to survive with one a day since. After 5pm is when I feel the most nauseous because the pill has worn off.

In preparation for the baby, John and I bought a dresser and put it in our bedroom. We are going to have to share a room for our clothes so the baby can have a room:)

That's about it for now.

Friday, January 1, 2010

15 weeks

Now that I am in my second trimester, I wish that I could say things have changed for me...but mostly they haven't.
I still feel pretty nauseous most of the time. I think it has gotten a bit better, but I still have those bad days (see my I love my Husband post).

I went to the doctor this week. I have only gained 1 lb since before Thanksgiving which was puzzling to me, because I thought I had been eating significantly more than the first few weeks of pregnancy. I guess it isn't SO surprising because a lot of food still seems disgusting. No one seems to be worried about it.

My heartburn is still there, and I am still controlling it with my diet. I had frozen pizza (tomato sauce) and little pieces of broken chocolate chip cookie yesterday and I think it was a little to much for me (feel the burn:).

My mucus production has been out of control. I don't feel like I have a cold, but I do blow my nose like 100 times a day. I heard that pregnant women produce more mucus...and now I believe it.

We heard the heartbeat of our baby this week, which made it a bit more real for me. This is the first week when I have actually started thinking about the changes coming for us...which means I am NOT just thinking about ME and how I can make it through the day.

John and I are so excited for the 1st week in February when we have an ultrasound and find out whether our baby is a girl or a boy. John thinks it is a boy and I think it is a girl. We'll see:)

Happy New Year!