Saturday, January 30, 2010

19 1/2 weeks

Checkup stats from last week:
I gained 2 lbs. (which is not a lot, but good enough)
They found the baby's heartbeat right away.
Things seem to be going fine.
I still can't tell if I have felt the baby moving or not. Maybe.

This week has been harder for me.

I have felt sick and have gone to bed with the laptop every night around 6pm. Also, there are certain foods that made me nauseous this week, and last week they didn't seem to bother me. I've been eating an apple every day, and at least one salad a day along with other foods.

Also, I started thinking about all the stuff I need to do/buy to get ready for the baby. I know I still have time, but I have been making lists of baby items I would like to get new, and items I can get from garage sales/thrifts stores/Craig's list.
I'll probably do a post in a week or so asking your opinion on some of those things.

I looked into health insurance for the baby which is REALLY expensive through my work. I need to compare prices elsewhere and see what the best deal is.

I guess I really am excited...I think I just can't wait for next week when we have our ultrasound and things will seem a lot more real.

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