Tuesday, February 23, 2016

Feb fun and 28 weeks

The boys and I had fun watching a video of what baby is like in my belly. Afterwards Jat asked how she would get out. After explaining a few details, they said, out of your pee pee? I said, I don't have a pee pee. Then they started laughing hysterically and yelling mommy doesn't have a pee pee. Tonight I found a super hero in my bed. I have no idea when or why it got there...especially because last night was one of the only nights this week that Andy didn't end up in my bed. I'm just too sick and tired to deal with moving him. John move some sometimes, but on Friday night he just elected to sleep in Andy's bed instead. I still crash pretty early at night. We had people over for a bonfire on Saturday, and after a few people left at 8:15, I asked John if he would put Jay to bed cuz I was going to bed too. There were still a couple people left out by the fire with John, but I was spent. Andy is not been napping on the weekends... When everyone else wants to take a nap. On Sunday I gave him a regular clock to carry around and said he couldn't get up until both hands were on the one. He stayed in his bed for about 45 minutes before he came out to ask me if they were on the one yet. I said it would be about 15 more minutes and he could play Legos quietly in his room until they ended up on the one. I would say that's a success for now. He still naps fine at school. School has been going well. Today I had an informal observation where the principal just popped in to watch. He stayed for the entire hour and a half class. It went fine, I guess. I can't think of anything that went horribly wrong. I'm 28 weeks now. Pretty excited about that, but I am looking pretty huge. I now have Jay and Andy pick things up off the ground for me if they are very capable and I am being lazy. Baby moves around a lot in my belly, sometimes it makes me feel really nauseous. We are still so excited it's a girl. Andy was standing right next to me when all of a sudden I heard a thud and "oww". I looked down and found Andy like this.
John and I toured the hospital where we are scheduled to give birth. We weren't allowed to take kids on the tour, so we schedule the babysitter. After the tour we still had a bit of time, so we went to a grand opening where we stood in line to meet
Valentines Day was fun. Jay picked out his outfit, Andy was forced to wear dressy clothes so he can open the present, but he has his Batman shirt on underneath. The classroom parties for both of them we're great, except that Andy Valentines got left in the bottom of his backpack until the last 5 minutes of the party. I had him hand them out to the kids that were still there, and he was happy with that. I felt like a bad parent, but it was fine.
Andy loves this Batman shirt that grandma got him. J got a nasty black eye when he was playing hide and seek and ran into the half wall by the stairs. He never really got the line "you should see the other guy."