Sunday, August 24, 2014

Tuesday, August 19, 2014

First Day of School 2014

I have seen so many other people post the 1st day of school picture, I thought I would re-post these pictures with the words written in.

Andy's teacher was Amber last year, but since there isn't a teacher yet (until they hire one they have subs)...he thought for a while and then smiled and said "Ammmer"

Friday, August 8, 2014

The end of summer and school is starting soon..

Jay and Andy started preschool/daycare this week....but I looked at the last time I blogged, and I'm still missing a lot of the end of the summer.
Here are some things we finished out our summer with:
Jay took swimming lessons: Pre- Level 2, which was fun because it was only him and 2 other kids for the first week, and just him and another kid for the last week.

Jay rocking the backstroke arms.:

I finished my online stats masters class. was bad, but I got an A+ because I worked really hard and studied strategically. Here is Andy ripping up journal articles and putting them together in a different order:

We went swimming a few times at the local pool despite the short hours it was open, and the crazy weather that came up many afternoons. We still had a blast because Andy was free, and I didn't swim so it was cheap too.

We had milkshakes often.

Suppers got a little crazy occasionally:

We decided to go to the races one more time this summer, and when Andy woke up from his nap and I told him what we were doing...he very seriously and excitedly said "an I go too?"

We must have put the sound protection earmuffs on Andy a bit wrong at first...but he was ADORABLE with his cheeks all puffy.

We also did a few nights splitting the boys up between parents.
Andy got to go shopping with mommy (and ride the escalators):

Jay went on bike rides with daddy and then played in water in the back yard:

John had a birthday, so we wrapped a bunch of presents (including oreos and beer) and the boys were super excited for daddy to open them.

I thought it was funny, because Jay had a well-child checkup at the Dr. that day, and he kept telling everyone that "Daddy got a speed boat for his birthday" and failed to mention it was a remote control one:)
That night we walked over to the local beach (a few blocks away) and drove the speed boat, and played in the sand. (see the boat in the background?)

After the 3rd time, he realized he needed to say "remote control".

This is how you drink a birthday beer:

We made pizza quite a few times, and Andy always gets excited about pepperoni pizza. He talks all the time, but it is pretty hard to get it on video.

School started this week, so I took pictures of the boys. I hope to write on the board in Photoshop some of their key information: (what they want to be when they grow up, favorite color...those things)

Then there is the picture where I told Jay to smile and "show his teeth".