Thursday, October 31, 2019

Halloween 2019

Halloween Started with Trick or Treat Street locally. Ellie was little red riding hood, I was the Grandmother, and Andy was...well a purple dinosaur that could double as the wolf if he needed to:) Noah and Emme met us there:
Next we had our annual Halloween party at our house: We had Soups, cornbread and other yummy food.
The weather was ok, but it got cold fast. I created Halloween Bingo for the kids and it was fun!
By the time it was actually Halloween, we were all tired, but we still came up with a last minute costume for Jay (like 2 days before halloween) and he was Ned Forrester from the Youtube stars Dude Perfect (specifically Dude Perfect in Overtime). He even made a "Wheel Un-fortunate" version for his classroom!
Andy wanted to be a Dracorex purple dinosaur. The costume doesn't exist (even for toddlers) so we made one with stuff we found at Goodwill. I even used my sewing machine a little for some parts.
Ellie went as Rapunzel for actual tricker treating. It was pretty cold once the sun went down so we did a little, went to visit friends, and then she handed out candy at our house to all her "customers". It was adorable!!
The kids enjoyed trick or treating and the fun of the day:
I decided to go as Dot the robot (with an 80's rocker wig) at the last second. I can't say that I enjoyed my costume, but it worked. I was proud of my pumpkin decorating though:)
It was cold out!

Sunday, October 20, 2019

Fall Family Pictures

More of October- Jay Medieval Festival

Jay had his 4th grade medieval festival this week. He dressed as a monk and made his castle out of Legos.
We went to Camille's piano recital and the girls looked cute!
We had a lot of fun at Emme's Bday party:
We've been on some walks to see halloween decorations, and the kids played in the one snowfall we did get:
Good times!