Saturday, March 23, 2019

March- Snow days, sunny days and Ellie

We have had a mix of weather this March. And a mix of attitudes from each kid:)

We enjoyed Dress like a book character day in early March.

Right before the storm, I was getting student projects off the 3D printer when the knife I was using and putting a lot of pressure on slipped and I cut a finger on my other hand. 3 stitches later (the night before the storm), I was fine.

We got a couple of snow days mid-March during the BombCyclone storm.

A few days after, the snow was pretty fun to play in:

We spent some of our time with Noah and Emme:

I spent some time crafting:

Then it was time to celebrate St.Patricks day:

Ellie Ellie is still mostly sweet and loving, but doesn't go to bed early (most nights between 8:30-9:30pm), and has been talking up a storm (and saying the most hilarious things)

Ellie had the opportunity to go see the Little Mermaid (High School Play) with Ami, and she got dressed up and loved it!

She is very helpful, but also has a lot of attitude.

The potty training battle has been real. She has been good about peeing (even when we are at stores), but the poop in the potty has been a battle. The first success was last week and she got a big prize.

She has so much fun at Ami and Marion's house:

We also got to help Erica and Cody celebrate their move to the new house:)

We have had a great month so far!

March: Andy Wresting and more about Jay

Andy Andy has been his normal self. He has good days at school, and days when his behavior and focus are way off. Diet and time in bed doesn't seem to play a factor. I might look into sleep apnea because he snores. He also has moments when he is a total boy. He has continued WRESTLING practices, and last week he did his first tournament. He got 4th and did great.
This week he took 1st place in another tournament.
Part of the first match today: (Jay was our videographer:) Match 4 of today: Match 3 of today and his first pin: A few more videos:


Jay has always been a creative thinker, and sometimes it comes back to bite him with his big imagination (and the books he read about bigfoot), but he also has been a BIG helper and a fun guy to be around. He had a few big meltdowns lately, but they were only when he was really tired and we are managing them:) He worked really hard on his Totem Pole project for the book Tacky the Penguin out of Legos:

In fact he is a big fan of Legos right now. They made this out of Ellie's Duplos on the Snow Day:
They also spent a lot of time putting together ALL their star wars legos (including John's from when he was younger)
He is growing like a weed and is looking more and more handsome (and tall) every day.
He got a chance to attend a UNC Basketball game with a friend and had a great time: