Saturday, January 14, 2017

Christmas time fun

Kid Christmas Picture:
This Christmas we first spent some time with the Shalers.
Ellie was a hit at the annual Christmas Party, and we all had a great time. While at home, we did our own family Christmas presents. I love this photo of Andy...He is super pumped...but happy at the same time.
Our 3 kids!
Presents. Jay was super excited about his Von Miller Jersey and his "playbook" football. Andy loved his "big-eyed-stuffy" and his ninja gear, Ellie got a chew toy and a bath mat (and loved to play with the wrapping paper and boxes). John and I exchanged pajama pants and a few other things we were needing anyway.
Then soon after that, we headed to Iowa. Road Trippin...
We stopped at our (what is now semi-annual) hotel with a waterslide and had a ton of fun.
When we got there the cousins were inseparable and we had a ton of fun with Grandma and Grandpa too.
On the way home, Jay drank his entire water bottle in 5 min. So this happened. Also the sunset on the way home was beautiful.
What a great Christmas season!

Friday, January 13, 2017

Early December (a month late)...

Oh my, have I really neglected my blog for this long? Here are some pictures and memories... In Early December we had some fun times dressing up for school days, events and just for fun.
There were also some fun everyday moments:
Ellie is 6 months and such a happy baby most of the time. She got a cold, and then it got in her eye, so that was a bummer, but really she is content just hanging out and being "entertained" by her brothers while we yell at them about watching out while flinging their bodies every which way (because the are boys). We have been super careful about keeping small things off the floor, which is sometimes hard. Ellie learned how to sit in about a week- right about at 6 months. She hasn't tried to do much else, but loves being around other people. She is still a drooler, but it has calmed down a bit. She eats baby food and finally PUFFS too! She is a fan of all the fruits, and one of her favorite is "apples and chicken"
Jay is 6 really into video games this month because it has gotten SO cold. He used to go outside every day and play football, but now he asks to play Wii sports games or "Madden" on the x-box. Both he and Andy do chores around the house now to earn money. Emptying the entire dishwasher can get them .75. They can cash out at $5. Jay usually goes shopping with me on Saturday if we need groceries or other stuff. This is making him realize his money goes a long ways at Goodwill rather than Target. His favorite thing to buy is gum. He also is GREAT at making Ellie happy. He can sing songs to her and (much to our dislike) get right up in her face and talk to her...but she LOVES it. Jay is still a morning person, but is moving slower and slower when we need to get out of the house.
Andy is 4 1/2 and enjoys hanging out with his friends at pre-school. They were all into DinoTrux, so that was his favorite thing too. It seems like he is making better choices at school and maturing a bit, so that is good. He also loves "big eyed stuffies". He enjoys trips with mom or dad individually so he can talk without being interrupted by Jay or Ellie (and her needs). He asks when his "Ninja" party is almost every day. He is still NOT a morning person, but our little routine has helped, and now he doesn't cry too much in the morning. If he gets to "watch something" when he has the morning routine done, he can be super fast. I wake up at 5:15-5:30 most days to be able to make it out of the house on time with everything ready. I felt successful over the holiday season (Dec.) that the gifts got done and we didn't forget anything major:)