Saturday, June 27, 2009

Fun with Fam.

I am still in Iowa for a few more days.
Here is one picture of my little nephew Isaiah.

Wednesday, June 17, 2009

Denver fun

I spent much of the day in Denver on Tuesday. I didn't take any pictures, but it was a great time. I got to go to the DMNS with Cherry, and we saw the Wild Oceans IMAX. It was awesome to see these birds dive into the water at 30 mph to catch the fish. I also really liked the Dinosaur and Gem exhibits. Thanks Cherry! After that I went to an authentic mom and pop Greek restaurant with Chad. It was fun, and the bread was delicious. Thanks Chad!
Because I was on my way home earlier than expected, I decided to check out a Super Target...which was awesome too. You can see how awesome it was HERE.
Tuesday was also superb because it was one day (in the last 10) that we avoided severe weather. is back.

Thursday, June 11, 2009

Will it ever stop?

This is the 5th day in a row that we have had severe weather. Lightning, heavy rain and HAIL. 5 DAYS IN A ROW. Not that it is bad for CO to get rain. It makes our grass looks beautiful.
On a side note...does your DTV converter freeze or get blocky every time the lightning strikes? It fixes itself right away, but it is hard to watch TV when there is so much lightning.
I bet Greeley looks like THIS.

Tuesday, June 9, 2009

more severe weather

You probably are bored with my weather posts...but it is the most exciting thing going on right now.
This was what the weather looked like this afternoon. (It is actually what it looked like last May too)

Luckily it was just some major hail.

Monday, June 8, 2009

Joanna and Blakes wedding

This Sunday we went to a friend from churches wedding. It was beautiful and heartfelt. Here are some pictures.

Our friends Amy and Jason

Our friends Jeff and Bethany

Our friends Sarah and Becca

Us with Joanna and Blake

We had some punch...

Actually the create your own lemonade was a highlight. They had strawberries, raspberries, lemons, cherries and puree.

Friday, June 5, 2009


It was a perfect night for a campfire. There were no fire restrictions (yeah, we have those a lot in Colorado), it was about 72 degrees and the sun was just going down. We built the fire, got out the chairs and went back inside to get bug spray and more clothes. We picked up the smores stuff from the counter...

...and we looked outside. The rain had just started.

I thought it might let up soon, but John said we needed to pack up and go inside. I'm glad I listened because a great lighting storm erupted soon after.
I like this video because of what the news says in the background and because of the lighting that happens after 25 seconds.

This thunderstorm is actually a good thing for me because ever since the Tornado I get nervous when the dark clouds billow and the winds pick up. This time I was able to enjoy the lightning like I used to.