Wednesday, August 6, 2008

The most Insane test-drive ever!

Today we went out looking for cars for me (mine isn't doing so well).
When we hit HEAVY rain going to our second location to look at a car, we contemplated canceling...but decided to drive it anyway (what better way to check out a 4-wheel drive than in the elements?)
Well, it started out raining lightly...then it started pouring.
We found out during our test drive that there was a tornado warning and that tornadoes had been spotted west of Greeley.
By the end (of our 10-min test drive) many of the streets were starting to flood on the sides. When we pulled into the dealership again the entry road was up at the doors of the car.
This guy got stuck:

We decided not to cross this intersection:

We did decide to get some food. Notice how wet John is from just running out to his truck.

Stay tuned for videos..I will upload as I can!

Here is a video on the way home with some flooding on the sides.
Here is us trying to get home:)

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Anonymous said...

Wow THat's a lot of water!
Glad the vehicle kept working!