Wednesday, August 20, 2008

Back in School again!

This week I have been back at teacher meetings. It actually has been a pretty good week considering none of the teachers can get in the rooms yet, and I'm still not sure what specific classes I'm teaching. (Kids don't come back until after Labor Day) I'm very excited to get into my new lab.
Fortunately, over the last couple of weeks, I have been purchasing a few extra school supplies to have in my classroom for cheap or free. Today I found out we have and "allowance" at school and most of our classroom supplies come from that allowance. My goal is to STRETCH that allowance to get the most stuff possible for my kiddos to use at school.
I really liked the coupons that can be printed from here

I bought some fun colored markers from Walgreen's for personal use (originally 14.99, on sale for 6.99 and coupon from that website above for 3.00 off). I got a 24 pk (not a 36 pk like in the picture)

Walgreen's has a 39cents sale going on with lots of school supplies for 39cents.
I'll try to post again soon when I get a chance.

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