Sunday, August 3, 2008

More from family vacation

(This post is a continuation of the last post about my family's trip to CO.) After we traveled up the road to Pikes peak and saw the beautiful view:

We came back down, and went to Garden of the Gods in the Springs.

I even purchased a baby backpack carrier from a garage sale that came in handy (of course I wasn't the one using it :)

After that we met up with Chad and went to Dave and Busters. That place is HUGE!

On a different note, the day before that mountainous adventure, we had John's sister and kids over and we all played outside in the sprinkler and the pool. GOOD TIMES!
The blonde one is my nephew Caleb, the Brown-haired one is John's nephew J.T.

We all had fun drinking out of the sprinkler too...

Eventually we played in the pool and ran through the sprinkler:)

Thanks to Lori for some of the pictures....and sorry about getting you in the video Kyle. It was either you or me:)


Anonymous said...

Great pics.
We had a great time.

Altair said...

Hi Angie!! I'm so happy to hear from you and to see your COOL blog! I'm a little jealous as I don't yet know how to do all the neat things like get a counter and stuff. This other blog I read has "__ cry for Mama" in the spot where it says comments, but I have no idea how to do something funny like that. Oh well, I as well have a lot of time on my hands until school starts (your bargains post cracked me up) so I can figure these things out. I'm so happy to see you and John doing so well!