Saturday, August 23, 2008

Technology Expands....

your pocketbook:)

I am in the process of making this poster for my classroom. It is taking me a while doing freehand, and coloring in the letters, but it is worth it.
Check out the details and see if you can figure out who is in the letters "L" and "G".

Here is how technology expanded my pantry today:)
I got all this free using coupons, store deals, and INFO that I found on my favorite blogs (see side blog-list). Yippee!

The cards are from a deal they are running at Safeway. Buy 3 get $3 off (these are the .99 kind)
The Vive shampoo and conditioners in the back were BOGOfree at King soopers. I had a BOGOfree coupon so both ended up being free. This is kind of hard to wrap your mind around...and it sounds totally illegal...but...the computer automatically takes off the second one, and when the cashier rings up my coupon it takes off the ammount for the first one too. Technically-nothing sneaky about it. Although, some stores won't let you do it. (I haven't had good luck with it at Rite Aid) (I used 2 different coupons to get 4 free)
The Cheerios and Dove shampoo is what I am considering FREE using my $5 off any $20 purchase at Walgreen's. ($5=total cost of 2boxes Cheerios and Dove shampoo and conditioner)
All the Clean and Clear. Whoa baby. Anybody need some face wash? In order to use my $5 off $20 I did this deal, used LOTS of coupons (9 to be exact) and got $10 back in Register Rewards so all the clean and clear was free too. (The other $5 was spent on 5 more boxes of Cheerios...John goes through those like water, and $1 (after using a coupon) is a good price for a 14oz. box) I actually made $2 on the Preparation H.
Raisinetts and Nerds were what I got with my $5 off $20 in Nestle/Stoffers/lots of other random brands at King Soopers. I used the coffemate to help get to $20, and then handed them my FREE coffemate creamer coupon I signed up for a long time ago, so that was free too.
Lastly, the Wheat Thins, and Kraft dressing were free after purchasing the Koolaid packets using Kraft tear-off coupons (they are also in Aug. All You magazine). I had overage from other places so I included the Koolaid in the picture:)
I'm thinking of starting anotherblog to detail more of what I buy and how you can get the same deal. If you think you would look at a blog of my frugalness, let me know.


Anonymous said...

Is it Shawn Johnson and Michael Phelps?
I bought Cherrios today because they were on sale, and noticed I had a $2.00 off coupon BUT it expired yesterday.
I'm not so good at this yet.

Helene said...

Hi :-)

Thanks for leaving a comment on my blog. My goal was 42 jars of Skippy as I had 21 I get a paper delivered and my son was getting me 20 inserts from a friend who delivers papers) $1/2 coupons. I do plan on giving many of them to the food pantry. I do love Skippy :-) but I also love getting stuff for free or very cheap now.

I love your blog header. Creativity is not my thing :-)Join the bargain blogs :-) We'd love to have more. Mine started out as keep family up to date on my grandson I have custody of and it has turned into a mess of nothing specific :-)

Lori said...

Yep. That must be the two Olympians. Very sweet.

I've become addicted to cheerios as well, but only in the morning. Pretty much opposite of John. :)

You are a machine with these deals! I've tried and honestly, it's a lot of work!! I've watched you do it but I still have no idea how you do it.

Although, you've inspired me to use that Kraft coupon you gave me!!! I'm a gonna get me some salad dressing!

Angie said...

Even though I love Shawn Johnson (Iowa), the person in the picture is The other girl Nastia Lukin (because of the pink she wore in all-around)..and yes the other one is Michael Phelps:)