Saturday, August 9, 2008

The Price is Right

I went to a few garage sales this morning and found some GREAT stuff. Then I went to Staples and Office Depot, where it was teacher appreciation day, and I got breakfast and lots of free stuff (including a 512 flash drive-which I forgot to put in the picture). I also went to Ace Hardware and Goodwill (50% off sale) before heading home.
If you can think of this post like the game "The Price is Right". Come up with a price of how much you think it is worth...then adjust it down to my frugalness, and see if you are right:)

First Group: "Teaching Stuff"

Grand Total: .95

Second group: "Scrap booking Supplies"
This includes a brand new album, refill cover pages, A punch, stamps, lots of ink pads and a Rubbermaid to put it in:)

Price: 5.00

Third Group: Things related to clothes/exercise.
19 clothing items, exercise video,jump rope, aundry hamper, and some hangers. These are NICE clothes too: The Limited, Banana Republic, GAP, Old Navy....

Clothes Total: 9.50

Fourth Group: Camping Stuff
Two Eddie Bauer camping chairs with foot rests, 4 tiki torches, a waterproof jacket, and backpack.

Total: 8.00

Did you get any right?
Please ignore that I have my eyes closed in that last picture.
Here...I am modeling the blue sweater and tan pants...and I am smiling (even though it still isn't a good picture.)


Anonymous said...

I haven't had any teacher specials in Sioux Center. AW shucks!
Looks like GOOD deals!

JessieJo said...

Angie, where'd you get the bag of balloons from? Was it just for teachers? I need a bunch so if you seem some really cheap somewhere let me know! Thanks, Jess

Dan & Sarah said...

I think you could quit teaching and advertise yourself as a "personal shopper." I'd hire you :)