Sunday, June 21, 2015

Car Races, Father's Day, Grandma N's visit

We all had a blast at the Car Races for Father's Day: John, Jay and Andy rode on the back of a monster truck!
This ones for Grandpa N. and Andy: We were so lucky to have Grandma N. visit and hang out with us in the first part of June. Here are some pictures from her visit:
It was sad to see her leave, but we got to check out the Airport:)
Also this week, Jay went to VBS, and Andy wanted his picture taken with Klymer (and they both learned the actions to a few songs).

We did plenty of shopping...
We did a little bowling:

This was the first time Jay decided his ball was going to slow and ventured into the lane...:)
 We watched the NBA finals, and Jay had a chip on his shoulder...
Jay had his first T-ball game. Less than thrilling, but I did take a video of him running from 3rd to home when Sophia hit.

 Had some rainy days, some sleepy days, some crabby days and some sunny days:)

Butterfly Pavilion

Wow, when it is summer we sure pack a lot of activities in!
Butterfly Pavilion with Grandma N and Grandma S, and JT and Camille:

Jay holds Rosie the Tarantula Andy touches "Carla the Cockroach"

Sunday, June 7, 2015

Summer is here!

Wow, it's summer and I haven't done a post about what we have been up to. Here is a quick recap: Week 1 of Summer break: Well, first it rained and Jay was bummed, then the sun came out.

Pack in tons of fun (and very inexpensive) stuff, because HEY- It's SUMMER! We've also enjoyed having John along on some of our adventures because some days he gets home by 3ish. The train in Loveland...(can you see Jay's hand waving out of the caboose?)
We may have gone to Pizza Ranch once...

We signed up for the summer Library reading program with a superhero theme:

We toured Hamonds candy company with Chad, Christine and Ezra.
We stopped at Scheels to see some wildlife:

Did you see the animal attacking Andy and I in that last picture? We had lots of Dr/Dentist appointments, but also lots of picnics in the park (and backyard).

Which also resulted in many bug bites.
Week 2: Mommy taught a class in the mornings, and we really enjoyed hanging out with daddy after he got home from work (and at night before bed).
Jay has now realized that I don't buy him toys unless they are from thrift stores or Garage sales, so he happily tags along to garage sales with $3-4 in his wallet (mostly quarters). He loves picking things out that he has enough money to buy, and doesn't complain when I say no as long as I give him a decent reason why (it's too big, we have one...) We also went to the parade in Johnstown this week:
Week 3 Begins today. We have already spent time decorating and planning Jay's pirate birthday party for a few weeks from now. Excited to see how it turns out:) My birthday is this week too, but I'm not as concerned with that one. I'm also looking foreword to my mom flying out this week.