Sunday, June 21, 2015

Car Races, Father's Day, Grandma N's visit

We all had a blast at the Car Races for Father's Day: John, Jay and Andy rode on the back of a monster truck!
This ones for Grandpa N. and Andy: We were so lucky to have Grandma N. visit and hang out with us in the first part of June. Here are some pictures from her visit:
It was sad to see her leave, but we got to check out the Airport:)
Also this week, Jay went to VBS, and Andy wanted his picture taken with Klymer (and they both learned the actions to a few songs).

We did plenty of shopping...
We did a little bowling:

This was the first time Jay decided his ball was going to slow and ventured into the lane...:)
 We watched the NBA finals, and Jay had a chip on his shoulder...
Jay had his first T-ball game. Less than thrilling, but I did take a video of him running from 3rd to home when Sophia hit.

 Had some rainy days, some sleepy days, some crabby days and some sunny days:)

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Anonymous said...

Great pics!
G-ma N