Sunday, September 30, 2007

you say "tomato" I say...


Our church has a "Pea Pod Patch" garden in the yard, and this is one of the crazy things that has come out of it. (I have also gotten some awesome tasting tomatoes).
In other news...My volleyball team came up with 2 great wins this week (one was our rival team at their gym-the game was close the entire time and went to 5 games) I am still really busy with coaching, and the weekends are nice for relaxing-unless we have a game or I decide to ref. kids soccer:)...(for extra cash and a 4 hour running workout!)
John is busy with work and has just started a few sprinkler blowouts this week. We enjoy watching football together...even when the Bronco's lose:) We had a great time hanging out with our friend Amy at the church potluck today.
Have a great week!

Sunday, September 23, 2007

Games, games, games...

We had 3 VB games this week, so it kept me very busy. One of them was in the Mountians. Wouldn't it be great to go to school in the mts? Here are some pictures:

I also partially lost my voice from Wed-Sat. and i am still recovering today. Teaching and coaching have been interesting with not much a voice.
Other than that, life is good.

Wednesday, September 19, 2007

more cute nephew picts

John asked me to post these two pictures of Caleb and J.T.
They really are adorable!

Saturday, September 15, 2007

More Photoshop Fun

I created my first all-digital scrapbook page. Thanks to the pictures from Lori's blog! Here it is:

What's Hot, What's Not

I don't have my own column in Cosmo or People or whatever. But I kind of consider my blog a: diary of sorts, a personal column of thoughts, and show and tell of things. Today I decided to do a column titled What's Hot, and What's Not in my life.
What's Hot
1. HDTV's show The Next Design Star. There was a marathon of episodes on t.v. Saturday and while I was cleaning, I caught at least part of each episode. By the end, I was addicted. Now I am temped to redecorate a room in my house...but I know that based on how much spare time I have, I will tear the room apart, and probably leave it that way for a week or more:)
2. Skechers shoes. All my life I have shopped for cheap but comfortable dress shoes. Every year I am annoyed by having to wear dress shoes to work every day. This year I decided to buy some pretty expensive Skechers.(of course they were still on sale:)) They are stylish, they stay on my feet, and most of all they are comfortable.

3. Old School Snacks. With not much time for baking lately...I am left searching for an evening snack that involves sugar. This past week I have reverted to: graham crackers and frosting(from my elementary school lunch menu), and graham crackers with peanut butter and chocolate chips- my traditional afterschool snack from my middle school years.

What's Not
1. Icky fruit. After seeing lori's post about the rotten peach, I've been more sensitive to gross stuff. I started eating a peach today and was disgusted by the softness of it. Earlier this week I bought like 5.00 worth of grapes for a party, and there were like 50 or more disgusting grapes in the bunch. I think it is the end of the season leftover fruit that the stores are selling. Another sign that summer is over.
2. The real estate market in Northern Colorado. Greeley is growing, and so are the surrounding communities, but I know a lot of people who are trying to sell their houses with not much luck. I'm glad we love our house and our quiet neighborhood out in the middle of no-where Milliken. Tom and Amber really got lucky to sell their house in 4 days!
3. People asking us about when we are going to have kids. I know it's just a "friendly conversation" question, but I get it a lot at church, school, and my other school. Be patient...when we are ready...we will think about it. Right now we are perfectly happy hanging out with the kids at church and our cute nephews.

Friday, September 14, 2007

I created this poster in Photoshop to promote the H.S. volleyball games in the school. I fixed the funny color problem from earlier, and now I know how to fix it.

Volleyball has been more than crazy lately. I has been draining, exhilarating, sleep-depriving, tons of phone minute taking, soul-searching, self-evaluating, respect building, and time-consuming.
I think next week will be better. I hope.
Don't get me wrong. I still love it, i just had a hard time really "liking" it this week.
I am soooooo happy it is the weekend and I get to sleep in tomorrow!

Sunday, September 9, 2007

The difficulty of fire...

It's been kind of a crazy week, so I'm going to talk about good times.
First...a tribute to our family and their teams:
Nebraska won!
LSU won!
Broncos won! season is here.
And with the season comes the cooler weather (it has been 50-60 all day which was a fresh start for the week.
Last night I wanted to have a fire pit fire, so I stopped at 3 convenience stores and K-mart on the way home...and nobody had firewood. I was pretty bummed because I bought hot dogs and shmellows to roast. When I got home I conveniently discovered a pallete of wood across the street in the Field. John offered to chop it up and we had a fire.

I used my new awesome roasting sticks from Nicole- THANKS! They extend like the antennas from old radios. I also heard that using Resses PB cups instead of Hershey's chocolates makes smores even more delicious. It's true!

Sunday, September 2, 2007


is a little town in southern Colorado where we had a volleyball tournament this Saturday. When we finally got there after 4 hours of driving the people I rode with got out of the car to take a picture by the sign. looks like we all have to pee:)

During the tournament we had some free time to take pictures...

We played well throughout the tournament and only lost one game. We got 3rd place overall.