Sunday, September 9, 2007

The difficulty of fire...

It's been kind of a crazy week, so I'm going to talk about good times.
First...a tribute to our family and their teams:
Nebraska won!
LSU won!
Broncos won! season is here.
And with the season comes the cooler weather (it has been 50-60 all day which was a fresh start for the week.
Last night I wanted to have a fire pit fire, so I stopped at 3 convenience stores and K-mart on the way home...and nobody had firewood. I was pretty bummed because I bought hot dogs and shmellows to roast. When I got home I conveniently discovered a pallete of wood across the street in the Field. John offered to chop it up and we had a fire.

I used my new awesome roasting sticks from Nicole- THANKS! They extend like the antennas from old radios. I also heard that using Resses PB cups instead of Hershey's chocolates makes smores even more delicious. It's true!


Lori said...

That sounds SOOOOOOO good right now. Are you wearing two pairs of pants?? Heee!

Chad said...

I love fires and smores! Man...I wish we could have a family reunion around a fire and have some hot dogs. I miss yall!

I hope things are going well!