Sunday, June 25, 2017

Jay's Rainforest Birthday Party

Jay Had a Rainforest/Curious George Birthday Party for his 7 year old Birthday. The forecast was 62 and cloudy earlier in the week, but by Saturday it was back up and it was sunny and 76...Perfect! All his good school friends came, and it was a perfect party. Here are some of the decorations around the house...
As you can see, I was excited about a rainforest and Curious George birthday party, but tying it in was a bit of a challenge, and then making it a blast for 7 year olds was another challenge. Jay is always very particular about the cake, and this year was no exception. We spent some time on Pintrest together, brainstorming ideas, and even went to 2 different stores specifically to find things for the food for his party. We watched Youtube tutorials on working with butercream frosting to make leaves, and working with Fondant to make other things. In the end, we decided tree frogs out of fondant were too hard, but snakes were possible! He choose the colors on the cake and we worked together. (The snakes he made did end up on the back of a cake and in one of the trees though) :)
The food was one of the easiest parties I have done too. The kids got to pick 7 items from the menu, but they had no idea what they were picking. Not too many people picked Iguana poo! For your reference I included the Key- which is what we used when we served everyone their plates. Thanks mom, for the great ideas. Afterwords we had all the food out with labels and kids and adults could pick other things. I forgot to take a picture of all the food on the table, but here it is before we started putting things out.
One of the games we found for $2 at a garage sale. It was basically PLINKO (with a flower on it). We used the opportunity to get rid of some of the random toys in our house (and I included a few other things we got from garage sales or the store for variety). Jay came up with the numbers of points, and each kid got to play 5 times and then put the toys in what became their "goodie bag". The line got a little long and out of control at times, but the kids LOVED what they picked out and we got rid of some toys!
Here are some more pictures from around the house, with a couple cuties photobombing...
Everyone had a blast outside with the bouncy slide, waterguns and water baloons.
Here was the invitation:
We ended the night with a BBQ and bonfire with friends:
And one more picture of this walking beast: