Monday, August 27, 2012

Andy's Baptism

Andy was baptized on Sunday by Pastor Don. It was so great to see all the support for our family and to know the people that will help raise him up in the church. Here are some pictures.
A cute one of the boys while Andy was being shown love by the guests inside.
Andy later that day chillin. He is so much fun. He loves smiling at everyone and watches Jay run around often. His favorite places in our house are the exersaucer and the swing. He would prefer anyone's arms first but he doesn't get held as much as the first kid did. He is starting to drool more every day, but still keeps it in a bit better than Jay. Andy has some gassy issues and only poops every few days, but is overall happy. We got some medicine for reflux but then he got a cold and was having trouble taking medicine and breathing so we stopped taking that for a few days until the cold gets better. He also loves gripping his blankets when he sleeps, being outside, and is starting to coo a lot more. He giggles but it has been hard to get it on camera. I feel myself enjoying more of his childhood moments because I don't reach for the camera every second. I love watching him sleep and looking at his sleepy eyes after I feed him when he burps. I love seeing his pouty lip and his sad cry when he is in the middle of nursing and Jay decides to be naughty and "bop" him on the head or run up to his face and yell. I love his "I just pooped and I feel great" look, and his newfound love with toys and things to hold on to. We love you Andy!

Monday, August 20, 2012

Sunday, August 19, 2012

Sunday afternoon in the shade

Straight out of camera shots:
One of my favorites...Andy finally getting back at Jay for some of the things he has done:)
The best one, edited:

Monday, August 13, 2012

We love the Broncos...

And I love my new handheld video camera that shoots in HD. Our little fan:

Saturday, August 11, 2012

Beef and Bean Day 2012

It was Beef and Bean Day in our small town. I decided to take the boys to the parade and to see the helicopter. Jay thought the parade was awesome. He said "Hi to people" and thought the fact that they threw candy at him was awesome. He was mesmerized by the local band that played. We rode a barrell train and got to the football field just in time for the helicopter to land. I think Jay thought it was a great suprise because he didn't even know we were going. Andy had more fun at home but was surprisingly good hanging out in the double stroller.

Sunday, August 5, 2012

ice cream cake

It was John's birthday on Sat. so Jay and I whipped up our own recipe. Jay crushed the oreos:
Our cake was made in a bread pan. We coated it with tin foil, put about 1/2 of the whipped cream on the bottom. Then we layered ice cream sandwiches (4 or 5) on the bottom. Then we poured 1/2 a jar of hot fudge on it. We put 2/3 of the oreos on that and smashed them down. Then we added a layer of cookies and cream ice crem. After that we put the remaining hot fudge and oreos. After freezing, we flipped it over on a pan and frosted with the remaining whipped cream. I drizzled chocolate on the top. Jay LOVED it and this is what he looked like after eating it:)

Thursday, August 2, 2012

Our Day of Trains

When I thought about what we would do today I realized we didn't have any plans...and since I had exactally 3 days left of summertime with Jay...I decided we had to do something. One of the things left on my list was to go and ride the mini-train in Loveland. So after nap time we headed over there and right away Jay was IN LOVE with the train.
After buying our ticket (he was free and I was .75) he climbed in a car and sat patiently taking it all in:
He rode by himself with a few other little boys in the back car the first time. Andy and I chilled in an open car where we could fit.
The next 2 times he rode with me and thought the bridge and the tunnel on the tracks were SOO cool.
He yelled "all aboard" along with the conductor and got to ring the bell.
(the videos that my camera takes aren't working..they are pixely with no sound..I am looking at getting a little handheld video camera- if you have any suggestions let me know:) After that we went to goodwill (which doesn't have to do with trains, but he carried his ticket for the train the whole time in Goodwill), and then we went to ToysRus because he had a gift card/coupon from his birthday. After being amazed by all the Thomas the train toys, I let him pick out a movie to buy. He also put on his conductor hat when we got home.
What a fun day, I know Jay can't wait to go back.