Thursday, August 2, 2012

Our Day of Trains

When I thought about what we would do today I realized we didn't have any plans...and since I had exactally 3 days left of summertime with Jay...I decided we had to do something. One of the things left on my list was to go and ride the mini-train in Loveland. So after nap time we headed over there and right away Jay was IN LOVE with the train.
After buying our ticket (he was free and I was .75) he climbed in a car and sat patiently taking it all in:
He rode by himself with a few other little boys in the back car the first time. Andy and I chilled in an open car where we could fit.
The next 2 times he rode with me and thought the bridge and the tunnel on the tracks were SOO cool.
He yelled "all aboard" along with the conductor and got to ring the bell.
(the videos that my camera takes aren't working..they are pixely with no sound..I am looking at getting a little handheld video camera- if you have any suggestions let me know:) After that we went to goodwill (which doesn't have to do with trains, but he carried his ticket for the train the whole time in Goodwill), and then we went to ToysRus because he had a gift card/coupon from his birthday. After being amazed by all the Thomas the train toys, I let him pick out a movie to buy. He also put on his conductor hat when we got home.
What a fun day, I know Jay can't wait to go back.


Anonymous said...

What a cute train and
of course a cute couple of
G-ma N

Anonymous said...

Remind me to take you and the boys to Tiny Town not too far from here...miniature town with lots of buildings ... and a train ride all around the town! Grandma S