Saturday, February 21, 2015

Sunday, February 15, 2015

More of the Boys

This week started out with some fun (last week) Saturday when we celebrated JT's birthday at our house. I threw together a few decorations for our "star wars" theme party. If you want to see more pictures of that day you can check out Davina's blog HERE.
On Wednesday, Grandpa came up and they worked on the shed some more, and the boys thought it was hot enough to jump in the pool (The high was 53 degrees).
Trish gave us a bird's nest, so we explored and examined it.
The boys were super excited for school on valentines day. They wore their backpacks to the car, and then pulled out the ziplock bag with valentines and stared at them all the way to school. I didn't take any pictures of the parties at school because I wanted to just enjoy them.
I made a Valentines supper the night before of french toast, strawberries and bacon. We ended up going as a family to Pizza Ranch, and then Andy and Mommy went shopping, and Daddy and Jay went to play Laser Tag and Arcade games with the money he got for Valentines day. The next morning Jay got up and colored from the coloring book daddy bought him.
He's really into teenage mutant ninja turtles right now...except it's too scary for him. John bought a cheapie movie from Target for them for Valentines day/Movie night...but they only made it 30 min. in before we turned it off because it was so scary. I remember us getting one from the library a few months ago, and it was the same way. Andy also thinks the turtles are way cool. He calls one of them "GreeanArdo". We love going out to eat with our friends after church to hang out and talk more. We often go to Qdoba, where Andy recently started liking "brocomole" (guacamole). Jay will eat quesadillas, but if we put chicken on it instead of cheese he gets upset. Andy will open up the quesadilla and eat the chicken pieces specifically. I let John deal with the boys a lot, and go and talk with the girls. I asked him to take a picture of them because they were looking so cute today...and I ended up getting a progression of what I assume happens most of the time when they have had enough eating when we are out.
The last few pictures were in the Jeep on the way home (it was snowing!). Jay was super mad because Andy was playing with Andy's nerf gun. He looked so adorable I couldn't help but take a picture. Then Andy shared and Jay was much more happy (shooting the cars out the window).