Friday, June 17, 2016

June with Ellie and the Boys...a long post

June has flown by... It was so fun to have Grandma N. here for a while! We did so much, and yet the time flew by.
Then Grandpa, Lori and Lincoln came too.
Ellie is more content than any of my other kids. Maybe she has to be: Here is a sleepy smile: Jay went to a birthday party and rollerbladed his day away. I think he looks a little like a penguin: The boys come up with silly things to do...including checking out their muscles. I got the boys on t-ball teams that practice at the same time during the week. The first game was this week, and Andy was a bit scatterbrained but was a good hitter:)
John took the boys to the turf field at one of the schools he works with. They had a blast playing football:
He also regularly gets out the slide with water, or the slip and slide for them.
He even took them to Waterworld!
Another place they go to is the skate park: SO MUCH FUN!Except when I yell at boys for fighting and not listening ALL the time...then the baby starts crying...But overall, there are good moments!

Ellie's Baptism

We had baptism on June 5 because my family was around. She did great!
It was so great that Don could do her baptism because he did our wedding and both of the boys' baptism's too. Afterwords we went to Pizza Ranch with family and friends.

Noelle Mae's Birth Story

Our baby girl is HERE! Although my due date was Andy's birthday, I was convinced she would come early. After taking the week before my due date off...I found myself putzing around at stores, and then back home to nap, then back to pick the kids up from school/daycare. I was DONE being pregnant and sick of waiting. At my dr. Appointment on the 13th I was already 3 cm dilated and, my midwife said they could induce me in a few days (especially because I was GBS positive and "advanced maternal age".) I was ecstatic, and we (along with the availability at the hospital) chose May 15. I actually ended up having contractions that were 8-9 min. apart between 3-5am. We ended up leaving a bit earlier than expected for the hospital, but Jay heard the garage door open and made sure he wished us a goodbye.

When I got to the hospital I was 4 cm dilated, and at a 0. This was good news. We were at Medical Center of the Rockies, and had a great room with a view of the helicopter pad for delivery, and the prime room with a view of the mountains for our recovery room...but it rained and was super cloudy the entire time we were there:)

When we got to the hospital it was about an hour before they got the medicine in. Then they wanted me to lay around for 3 hours for the medicine to take effect. By that time my contractions slowed down and almost stopped because I was just laying around. When they finally said I could walk around, the heartbeat monitor wasn't monitoring "on the go" very well. So I laid back down. Then they started the pictocin. Not much happened. A bit later I was at a 5 1/2 cm dilated, and at a +2. After upping the pictocin a few times, and waiting around for contractions to get more painful, I felt some contractions, but I just laid on my side and let them come with some simple breathing. When they checked me around 2pm, I was at 7cm dilated. The nurses said I had a very high pain tolerance and "most people would be screaming by now". Then my midwife broke my water. Then the contractions started coming at 2-3 min. apart and were very painful. After about an hour, I said...I kind of feel like I have to push. The midwife checked me and said "It's baby time". A few more nurses came in and things got pretty crazy in the room, my contractions were still very painful and I was groaning. I did two sets of 3 pushes. During the second set, I must have pushed baby's head 2/3 of the way out because John said..."YOU GOTTA KEEP PUSHING!" (that is part of the reason why her face was a little bit bruised when she came out.)

After she was born they put her right on my chest. I was exhausted from everything, and couldn't really function (The nurse had to tell me to look at the baby) after a few min. John cut the cord and they took the baby to get checked and get medicines. After a few more min. I was finally functioning again and was excited to see the baby.

We were super happy and she was beautiful. After we got moved to our recovery room. Baby was a champion nurser, and quickly after that grandpa and grandma came with Jay and Andy. They were excited to meet her and hear her name. They LOVED Ellie, so even though we were still deciding if we would call her Noelle or Ellie, we call her Ellie. Grandpa and Grandma S. came, then Davina and JT and Camille came to meet her too. Later on that night Chad and Christine and Ezra came with balloons, cookies and a present. Thanks to Davina for some of these great pictures.

Eventually they weighed and measured her: 7 lb. 10 oz. 19 1/2 inches. We love her so much!!

Video of Jay and Andy meeting her for the first time: Pictures: