Friday, June 17, 2016

June with Ellie and the Boys...a long post

June has flown by... It was so fun to have Grandma N. here for a while! We did so much, and yet the time flew by.
Then Grandpa, Lori and Lincoln came too.
Ellie is more content than any of my other kids. Maybe she has to be: Here is a sleepy smile: Jay went to a birthday party and rollerbladed his day away. I think he looks a little like a penguin: The boys come up with silly things to do...including checking out their muscles. I got the boys on t-ball teams that practice at the same time during the week. The first game was this week, and Andy was a bit scatterbrained but was a good hitter:)
John took the boys to the turf field at one of the schools he works with. They had a blast playing football:
He also regularly gets out the slide with water, or the slip and slide for them.
He even took them to Waterworld!
Another place they go to is the skate park: SO MUCH FUN!Except when I yell at boys for fighting and not listening ALL the time...then the baby starts crying...But overall, there are good moments!

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Anonymous said...

Fun pics. Miss you guys.
That's quite a skate park.
G-ma N