Sunday, May 19, 2019

Ellie's Puppy Party

Ellie turned 3 this week. Her party was today and it was awesome, but I am tired!
The Decor was her personal dogs with party hats, I used the Cricut for lots of removable wall decorations and I designed her shirt with leftover scraps from student projects. The hot pink and lime green helium balloons were fun, and we tied them all over. The games/activities were: Adopt a pet, Make a dog collar (beads), Puppy Training, and Play fetch. We also had a food truck, because that's what every party needs:) After the kids adopted a puppy they took it outside and we taught it things like: Panting, begging, sit, roll over, jump ect. Then they used a ball and taught their dog to fetch. The younger kids loved it, and the older kids had a nerf war in the basement.
I forgot to take pictures of the "Hot Diggity Dog" bar. Here were the options:
I also had some tavern. More of the kids puppy training and the ice cream truck:
Ellie was BEAMING the whole time we sang Happy Birthday to her. She looked around the room at all the people who loved her and was just smiling like crazy. It was adorable!
I remembered the pinata at the last second and we made that happen right before the rain started. We ended with all the normal party stuff.

Saturday, May 4, 2019

Andy's Pokemon Party

We had beautiful weather (70!), Just the right amount of people, and tons of fun at Andy's 7th birthday party.
The Food was also pretty fun. Kids had a menu to choose from, without the answer key.
Then they were served their 7 choices:
The games were a lot of tag games and hit things/people with balls games. I also got out the parachute for more fun. Most had a "Team Pikachu and Team Charizard":
John and Cody were their normal selves:
Some of our favorite little people were there:
Andy got a nice bike for his birthday:
I love you Andy!