Thursday, October 29, 2009 School

Today we had a SNOW DAY! I just got the call and tomorrow we have one too!!
Yipee. (The above picture was taken early in the day and we got more snow after that!)
We got over a foot of snow and roads are closed out of Colorado (I-25 is closed north to Wyoming, I-76 is closed East to Nebraska, and I-70 is closed east to Kansas).
To help stay warm I will reminisce about last week Friday night when the Firebirds (our school mascot) took on the Firemen (from our town) in a volleyball match. It was a teachers and staff vs. firemen. It was a fundraiser for the Shedd family. There were tons of kids and parents cheering us on. I played great and it was close but we won:)

Sunday, October 25, 2009

Last Jeeping of the season

We got to take the Land Cruiser out one more time this season. We went up Moody Hill past Fort Collins and had a blast. It snowed at the top even though it was sunny. We didn't get pictures of the hardest part of the trail...because I jumped out and walked up because I was scared.
Here are some photos:
We saw a cool whale rock on the way up:

John wanted to ride it.

Sunday, October 18, 2009

Colorado- good times

I love living in CO in the fall when the snow has covered the mountaintops but it is hot down here on the plains. For is a view from my drive home from church today.

This is also what my thermometer said for the temperature. (The top one is supposedly the outside temp. It was at least 80, and it felt really hot.)

I got to hang out with Chad and Christine yesterday. We had a good time.

Tuesday, October 13, 2009

My favorite sites for when you are bored...

Here are some funny sites to check out if you are bored. Caution, most of them are clean most of the time, but sometimes there are things that are not appropriate for kids.

1. Awkward Family Photos. Sometimes you have to look closely for why it is awkward...but it is always funny. Hint: look under the lady in brown pants.

2. Cakewrecks. When Professional Cakes go horribly wrong. The writers of the blog are hilarious, so besides looking at the pictures, read the commentary. The Flash Drive cake is one of my favorites.
Their caption "Face it: that wee lil' intestinal section is totally smiling at you."

3. I can has a Cheeseburger. The language is literal, so sometimes you have to read it like a cat would.

4.Passive Aggressive notes. Random notes that people have found posted around the universe.
Crazy example.

5. Lovely Listings. Odd finds in real estate listings. This pictures was listed on a site!

Other sites that are fun but I don't have time to look at:
It Made My Day.
There I fixed it
My First Fail
Item not as described

Saturday, October 3, 2009

Jeeping in the LandCruiser!

Yipee...we were able to take our FJ40 Land Cruiser out on some trails this weekend with Jack and Cherry.
Here are some photos. The leaves were starting to change colors too which made it nice.

We stopped here for a lunch break.

This was one of our favorite parts. John took the LandCruiser up on a rock.

Looks pretty sweet from this angle.
Even sweeter when you see that the back wheel is OFF THE GROUND!

This is the only angle I got to see:)

We had a great time...and now that we know how much gas it uses we can go on longer trails.

Thanks for driving up north Jack and Cherry!