Thursday, October 29, 2009 School

Today we had a SNOW DAY! I just got the call and tomorrow we have one too!!
Yipee. (The above picture was taken early in the day and we got more snow after that!)
We got over a foot of snow and roads are closed out of Colorado (I-25 is closed north to Wyoming, I-76 is closed East to Nebraska, and I-70 is closed east to Kansas).
To help stay warm I will reminisce about last week Friday night when the Firebirds (our school mascot) took on the Firemen (from our town) in a volleyball match. It was a teachers and staff vs. firemen. It was a fundraiser for the Shedd family. There were tons of kids and parents cheering us on. I played great and it was close but we won:)


Anonymous said...

Glad you got the snow and not us!
But a snow day sounds awfully good.

Dan and Sarah said...

Wow! I'm glad we got all of our precip as rain! I am not ready for snow!!
Great job on the v-ball game :)

Lori said...

Snow!!! That sorta looks like fun--but not enough fun for me to wish for it.

Make a snowman for me. :)