Saturday, October 3, 2009

Jeeping in the LandCruiser!

Yipee...we were able to take our FJ40 Land Cruiser out on some trails this weekend with Jack and Cherry.
Here are some photos. The leaves were starting to change colors too which made it nice.

We stopped here for a lunch break.

This was one of our favorite parts. John took the LandCruiser up on a rock.

Looks pretty sweet from this angle.
Even sweeter when you see that the back wheel is OFF THE GROUND!

This is the only angle I got to see:)

We had a great time...and now that we know how much gas it uses we can go on longer trails.

Thanks for driving up north Jack and Cherry!


Anonymous said...

Looks like fun.
The leaves are beautiful!

Chad said...

Looks like perfect weather and beautiful scenery...I am jealous! I worked this weekend which I am sure was not as cool. Have a great night!