Thursday, March 27, 2014

Andy 22 months, Jay 3 1/2 Pictures from March

March is now almost over, but we have a good time the last few weeks: In order... Andy was sick much of the middle of the month, but we could never tell if it was a cold, teething, or more...After he slept in my bed for 3 or 4 nights because of coughing I took him in...and he was getting over a case of Bronchitis. AHHH- so hard to know. I love how these pictures show him TAKING OVER my bed:) John slept on the couch...and even in Andy's bed for a few nights. Found a Nuggets jersey at a thrift store and Jay wanted to find something for Andy too, so we dug something out of the clothes in the basement so they could match. After we bought a dryer I used the box as a drive-thru for the kids and their bikes. First campfire for the kids this SPRING, they did get to go out in early Feb. for a night fire but we had them bundled up. This night was a bit nicer. I got my hair chopped off. A friend let me borrow a Hulk mask until next year, I plan to use it at Jay's superhero birthday party. LOVE it when John reads books to the boys in bed. Andy pretty much cries if daddy doesn't put him to bed because he reads him 5 books each night. Disney day at Preschool/Daycare today...Andy was Buzz, and Jay was going to just wear a Cars shirt, but he would not leave the house without a costume too (and to avoid him wearing spiderman, I pulled out the woody shirt that is a little small, his cowboy boots and the foam hat so he could be Woody:)

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