Tuesday, December 29, 2009

I love my husband...

for so many reasons. Just today he:
-got me a Tylenol at 5:30 in the morning because I had a pounding headache
-asked me if I was OK when I puked it up and puked a few more times later
-got me an ice pack for my headache and switched it out for a cold one later
-made me 1/2 a bagel and brought it to me in bed.
-came and watched TV with me in bed when I needed a distraction to finish my food
-cleaned out my bathroom drain from all the hair that gets stuck in there
-made me a cheese quesadilla when I needed to eat again and brought it to bed for me
-cleaned up all the Kleenexes in my bathroom which get scattered when I am sick
-brought me ice water with a straw in my favorite glass
-did the dishes
-answered my numerous phone calls to him (from the room next door) and came every time in 10 seconds or less.
-gave me a big hug and a smile because we heard our baby's heartbeat for the first time yesterday. Everything looks normal.
I love you JOHN!

More Christmas picts

We made it to Iowa before the storm, and left almost before it was over. We enjoyed the bulk of our time hanging out in the house with family.
Mom found this baby carrier at a thrift store and we decided to try it out on John. Isaiah was not to happy to be our model.

Isaiah enjoyed crawling on the presents, but couldn't seem to get them open.

Caleb got a little grinder tool from us and insisted on "grinding everything a little bit"

Chad opening a Steve Green Hide'em in your Heart DVD intended for Caleb:)

I never knew that trying to get a good picture of 2 kids sitting together would be so hard. This one ended up being OK.

Thanks to Davina for our presents.

This picture was taken early storm (so there isn't much snow on the ground). Caleb insisted on mowing the snow with his little mower.

Lori and Kyle playing in the snow (still very early in the storm).

I made cut out and decorated Christmas cookies with whoever would join me:)

Even when I wasn't feeling good someone put me in a good mood.

We left on Saturday morning, hoping to get back to CO. We made it through Omaha and Lincoln, but right outside of Lincoln we had to stop because the interstate was closed. We hung out at a Perkins for an hour or two and tried again...still closed. We found a hotel for a great price and hung out at the hotel bar/resturant for a few hours before bed. When we woke up it was back open and we made it (slowly) back to CO. Here is the view from the side door of the hotel. On the other side door the snow was all the way up to the top of the door.

Monday, December 28, 2009

Shaler Chistmas

I am very behind with my blogging. Here are some pictures from the Shaler Christmas which happened the weekend before Christmas.

We had a lot of fun at the neighborhood Christmas party and opening present with John's parents. Thanks for everything Jack and Cherry!

Tuesday, December 15, 2009

Staring at the lights..

I'm laying on the couch staring at the Christmas lights on the porch- trying to decide if I feel like puking or not. I mean I don't feel good at all tonight, but I don't think I need to go puke.
Sickness update:
Mornings are still bad but I manage with my nausea pills. Some nights are fine, some nights I feel sick. Overall I think my nausea has gotten a little better...but now that I am 13 weeks I haven't noticed a significant difference.

I have controlled my heartburn with my diet for the most part. I cut out tomatoes, most acidy food, powerade, and anything else that bothers me. I stay sitting up for at least 20 min. after I eat, and I try not to drink anything while I eat.

Although I am showing (in my belly), it really depends on the time of day or if I just ate if I am really showing. Like my ticker at the top of the blog?

FYI- the worst time to go perfume shopping- or an any smelly candle store is when you are pregnant. It was icky. Sorry if my family gets Christmas presents of the first thing I saw when I walked in the store (so I could get out of there faster).

This week is pretty crazy busy at school too. Only 3 days left till Christmas break:)

Friday, December 11, 2009

What to watch for fun...

Since I have been feeling sick, a lot of what I want to do is lay down and not puke. Since we only get 3 channels on TV, I have been watching TV online. My favorite thing to watch lately is a Disney 25 min. special on ABC.com called Prep and Landing. It is very cute, and short enough to watch while you are getting sleepy. It is great for kids too. Even if you don't watch the whole thing...get about 1/2 way through to the part where they say "rev the engines". I really enjoyed this show.
I have some other favorites on ABC as well. Ugly Betty keeps me on my toes, Modern Family is kind of funny. Castle and Find my Family are good for entertainment. I keep up with Grays Anatomy and Private Practice most of the time too.
Watch Prep and Landing:)

Wednesday, December 9, 2009

Prego update

Here is a little update on my status. I am still a little scatterbrained and it will probably be obvious.
Now I am 12 weeks. I am showing a bit...at least I think. It could be that I ate a lot of lunch.?. Yeah, ok, I am showing. We had to cancel our "hear the heartbeat" appointment because John had to work and I didn't want to hear without him. GRRR...SNOW.
I have ventured out a few times and I had a good weekend (a couple of good days in a row).
I think my nausea is getting a little better in the evening hours. I still have to take my pill before I get out of bed or I will puke, but at least I have that figured out.
I recently started getting heartburn really bad. Apparently it is common during pregnancy (mostly during the 2nd and 3rd trimester). Lucky me, I got it early.
I have tried tums- which didn't really work. Yesterday I started Zantec for heartburn. I think it helped for the heartburn- but my nausea was really bad today...I can't decide it it was just a "bad day" or if the Zantec had anything to do with it.
I have heard of pregnant women taking Prevacid (a prescription) for heartburn. At Target yesterday I found Prevacid (as an over the counter med for heartburn). Is it the same thing? Anyone know?
John put our Christmas lights up outside over a week ago and they look great. I love decorating for Christmas SOOO much...but It's not going to happen inside the house this year:( I will enjoy everyone else's tree's.

Thursday, December 3, 2009

The good, the bad and the ugly

The Good:
John and I are expecting! Yep, I am pregnant which is why my posts have been so sparse. We are really excited. They think I am about 11 weeks, and due the end of June.
FYI- I'm going to share how I'm really feeling, so if you don't care to know the icky details- stop reading here:)
The Bad:
I have been really sick!! The first week I knew I was pregnant was great- nothing out of the ordinary. The next 2-3 weeks were pretty hellish. I missed a bunch of school, puked at all times of the day, and layed around a lot. I also lost 10 lbs., had a hard time eating, and fainted in the doctors office after they poked me- but before they drew any blood. They said I was out for 5 min.! After that I got some pills (generic of Zofron) and they help me keep food down and be able to eat. Now I can go to school on the OK and good days because of the pills.
The last 2 weeks have been touch and go. Most days are OK and I still feel nauseous all the time but I can survive until I get home when I lay around and John takes care of me because the pills have worn off. Some days are still horrible, and some days- like today- are good days. On my good days I am decently upbeat and can have conversations with people. I also (mostly) don't feel like I could puke any second:) Pray for more good days!!!
The Ugly:
Puking, Puking, Puking. Yep. This week I realized that if I get up to go to the bathroom between 3-6am before taking my pill, I will puke 5 min. later. How fun is that!:( I have tried different strategies involving crackers in bed and other things, but right now my best bet is to take my pill with 2 crackers BEFORE I even get out of bed, and let them settle for 5-10 min. before moving. Then I might be ok.
Just in case you are interested, I have also tried the motion bracelet that didn't work. I am currently trying:
-Folic Acid pills and Flinstone vitamins instead of my prenatal vitamin for a bit.
-crackers before I get out of bed
-eating every 2 hours (this is really hard when food looks disgusting but I am trying)
-ginger ale, ginger cookies and ginger chews
-peanut butter, eggs, cheese and other foods that offer protein or filling
-hard candies and gum (these work great when driving and teaching)
-ice water (John is a pro at making sure I am set each night)
-drinking Powerade for electrolytes
That's all I can think of right now, but I might add more later.

We are really excited...I just want to feel better:)

Monday, November 30, 2009

Fun during Thanksgiving

We made it to Iowa for Thanksgiving and had a lot of fun with family. Especially with Caleb and Isaiah.

The video is kind of long, but it is cute.

Sunday, November 22, 2009

As a teacher...

You sometimes wonder if the kids care if you are gone. It takes so much time to plan for a sub, I try not to be gone unless I am really sick. I was sick last week, and when I got back I got a sweet note from a 4th grade student:

Thursday, October 29, 2009

School...no School

Today we had a SNOW DAY! I just got the call and tomorrow we have one too!!
Yipee. (The above picture was taken early in the day and we got more snow after that!)
We got over a foot of snow and roads are closed out of Colorado (I-25 is closed north to Wyoming, I-76 is closed East to Nebraska, and I-70 is closed east to Kansas).
To help stay warm I will reminisce about last week Friday night when the Firebirds (our school mascot) took on the Firemen (from our town) in a volleyball match. It was a teachers and staff vs. firemen. It was a fundraiser for the Shedd family. There were tons of kids and parents cheering us on. I played great and it was close but we won:)

Sunday, October 25, 2009

Last Jeeping of the season

We got to take the Land Cruiser out one more time this season. We went up Moody Hill past Fort Collins and had a blast. It snowed at the top even though it was sunny. We didn't get pictures of the hardest part of the trail...because I jumped out and walked up because I was scared.
Here are some photos:
We saw a cool whale rock on the way up:

John wanted to ride it.

Sunday, October 18, 2009

Colorado- good times

I love living in CO in the fall when the snow has covered the mountaintops but it is hot down here on the plains. For example...here is a view from my drive home from church today.

This is also what my thermometer said for the temperature. (The top one is supposedly the outside temp. It was at least 80, and it felt really hot.)

I got to hang out with Chad and Christine yesterday. We had a good time.

Tuesday, October 13, 2009

My favorite sites for when you are bored...

Here are some funny sites to check out if you are bored. Caution, most of them are clean most of the time, but sometimes there are things that are not appropriate for kids.

1. Awkward Family Photos. Sometimes you have to look closely for why it is awkward...but it is always funny. Hint: look under the lady in brown pants.

2. Cakewrecks. When Professional Cakes go horribly wrong. The writers of the blog are hilarious, so besides looking at the pictures, read the commentary. The Flash Drive cake is one of my favorites.
Their caption "Face it: that wee lil' intestinal section is totally smiling at you."

3. I can has a Cheeseburger. The language is literal, so sometimes you have to read it like a cat would.

4.Passive Aggressive notes. Random notes that people have found posted around the universe.
Crazy example.

5. Lovely Listings. Odd finds in real estate listings. This pictures was listed on a site!

Other sites that are fun but I don't have time to look at:
It Made My Day.
There I fixed it
My First Fail
Item not as described

Saturday, October 3, 2009

Jeeping in the LandCruiser!

Yipee...we were able to take our FJ40 Land Cruiser out on some trails this weekend with Jack and Cherry.
Here are some photos. The leaves were starting to change colors too which made it nice.

We stopped here for a lunch break.

This was one of our favorite parts. John took the LandCruiser up on a rock.

Looks pretty sweet from this angle.
Even sweeter when you see that the back wheel is OFF THE GROUND!

This is the only angle I got to see:)

We had a great time...and now that we know how much gas it uses we can go on longer trails.

Thanks for driving up north Jack and Cherry!