Wednesday, December 9, 2009

Prego update

Here is a little update on my status. I am still a little scatterbrained and it will probably be obvious.
Now I am 12 weeks. I am showing a least I think. It could be that I ate a lot of lunch.?. Yeah, ok, I am showing. We had to cancel our "hear the heartbeat" appointment because John had to work and I didn't want to hear without him. GRRR...SNOW.
I have ventured out a few times and I had a good weekend (a couple of good days in a row).
I think my nausea is getting a little better in the evening hours. I still have to take my pill before I get out of bed or I will puke, but at least I have that figured out.
I recently started getting heartburn really bad. Apparently it is common during pregnancy (mostly during the 2nd and 3rd trimester). Lucky me, I got it early.
I have tried tums- which didn't really work. Yesterday I started Zantec for heartburn. I think it helped for the heartburn- but my nausea was really bad today...I can't decide it it was just a "bad day" or if the Zantec had anything to do with it.
I have heard of pregnant women taking Prevacid (a prescription) for heartburn. At Target yesterday I found Prevacid (as an over the counter med for heartburn). Is it the same thing? Anyone know?
John put our Christmas lights up outside over a week ago and they look great. I love decorating for Christmas SOOO much...but It's not going to happen inside the house this year:( I will enjoy everyone else's tree's.


Anonymous said...

Your lights look nice!
You can enjoy our Christmas tree when you come, and if you don't put your own up--you won't have the work of taking it down.
Relax and enjoy the season and let John take care of you.

Chad said...

Yeah, that prevacid stuff is most likely the stuff you heard about...because it just became available OTC in may 2009, thus, your informational source may be a bit behind on the newest info.

Perret Party of Four said...

The prevacid on the shelves is legit. But ask your doctor about using it. Also some people swear by pineapple juice for the acid reflux. I had it terrible with Camille. Yuck.

Tom Holman said...

Wait for that 'switch' to go off.....I swear sometime around 14'll get energy....and some foods MAY actually look good! SO excited for you....but have to warn you -you'll never ride a rollercoaster again.....

Clare said...

Prilosec OTC. Defintely worth a try.