Tuesday, December 29, 2009

More Christmas picts

We made it to Iowa before the storm, and left almost before it was over. We enjoyed the bulk of our time hanging out in the house with family.
Mom found this baby carrier at a thrift store and we decided to try it out on John. Isaiah was not to happy to be our model.

Isaiah enjoyed crawling on the presents, but couldn't seem to get them open.

Caleb got a little grinder tool from us and insisted on "grinding everything a little bit"

Chad opening a Steve Green Hide'em in your Heart DVD intended for Caleb:)

I never knew that trying to get a good picture of 2 kids sitting together would be so hard. This one ended up being OK.

Thanks to Davina for our presents.

This picture was taken early storm (so there isn't much snow on the ground). Caleb insisted on mowing the snow with his little mower.

Lori and Kyle playing in the snow (still very early in the storm).

I made cut out and decorated Christmas cookies with whoever would join me:)

Even when I wasn't feeling good someone put me in a good mood.

We left on Saturday morning, hoping to get back to CO. We made it through Omaha and Lincoln, but right outside of Lincoln we had to stop because the interstate was closed. We hung out at a Perkins for an hour or two and tried again...still closed. We found a hotel for a great price and hung out at the hotel bar/resturant for a few hours before bed. When we woke up it was back open and we made it (slowly) back to CO. Here is the view from the side door of the hotel. On the other side door the snow was all the way up to the top of the door.

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Great pictures. IT was GREAT to
have you home!